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Production and Operation Equipment

Safely transporting your production materials is equally as important as having correct signage in place. You need to consider all these essential onsite requirements when you plan, implement and maintain production operations throughout your company.

DENIOS UK offers products that are most needed by manufacturers for their day-to-day processes, including shelving, workplace lighting, signage, transport equipment, lifting devices, safety barriers and cabinets.

Transport Containers and Storage Containers
Industrial Shelving Systems
Transport trolleys
Lifting Equipment
Equipment Cabinets and Lockers
Ladders, Working Platforms and Scaffolding
Winter Safety
Signs and Markings
Industrial Lighting
Component containers
Safety Equipment
Hose Reels and Cable Reels
Work Chairs, Work Stools and Lean Supports
Smoking Shelters
Office Equipment
Bicycle stands
Optical devices
Social room facility
Packing and shipping

Production and Operation Equipment Products

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Production & Operation Equipment for Manufacturing Industries

What is part of the operating equipment?

  • Transport Containers and Storage Containers
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Equipment Cabinets and Lockers
  • Laders, Working Platforms and Scaffolding
  • Winter Safety
  • Signs and Markings
  • Industrial Lighting
  • Scales
  • Safety Equipment
  • Work Chairs, Work Stools and Lean Supports

Transport and lifting equipment

DENIOS UK offers a wide range of transport and lifting equipment, including scissor lift tables, pallet trucks, and accessories for cranes and forklift trucks. All these products are designed to make your daily work processes easier. Our pallet trucks are sturdy and provide outstanding fork stability. They are equipped with a pump body that requires minimal maintenance. Our pallet trucks, stackers, high-lift pallet trucks and scissor lift tables are all designed to help improve your workflow.

Trolleys and sack trucks allow you to transport various loads during operations safely and conveniently. We offer you a choice of steel, stainless steel or aluminium, with load capacities of up to 350 kg. Staircase carts complete the broad selection of trolleys available at DENIOS UK.

We also offer a wide selection of work tables that give you the ability to transport hazardous materials in small containers.


Regardless of size, all companies use shelves for some purpose in their operations. Shelves provide functional storage facilities for tools, office supplies, paints and hazardous liquids. DENIOS UK offers storage racks that both optimise commercial storage solutions and meet industrial requirements. Our storage systems are specifically developed to meet the needs of companies that store hazardous materials and chemicals.

Each shelving system provides for the most secure storage of liquids. We offer shelving systems for storing flammable liquids, water hazardous materials and aggressive chemicals. Our shelving systems for storing water hazardous materials include a drip tray on every shelving level. For shelving designed to stock flammable liquids, the drip tray is manufactured with steel and includes a grid at the lowest shelving level. Shelving intended for storing aggressive chemicals is made with polyethene. Our shelving collects liquids directly, so they do not enter floor drains and are then quickly removed for disposal.

We also offer pallet racking systems. This type of shelving system saves space, reduces lead times and improves the flow of work, resulting in increased productivity. Our pallet racking systems are available in distinct compartment widths and provide orderly, efficient and variable pallet storage. Each of our pallet shelf components are tested and meet applicable government standards.


DENIOS UK offers the full range of safety and emergency lighting for both indoor and outdoor use. In an emergency or crisis, a functioning lighting system is crucial for quick and safe evacuation of the premises.

Furthermore, adequate lighting is an integral part of every company’s operating equipment, as lighting can become an important factor in determining the productivity and effectiveness of the work environment. Optimum lighting conditions help ensure that production continues at prime levels and provides employees with the highest level of protection. Emergency lighting provides for additional safety in case of an emergency, such as a fire or power outage.

Safety equipment

Suitable safety equipment is needed to reliably secure industrial facilities. DENIOS UK offers a comprehensive range of locking systems in addition to cabinets and boxes for safely storing keys. Our key cabinets will give your company security and order. Our key boxes and cabinets are manufactured from aluminium or steel, have up to 300 hooks for storing keys and are available with combination or mechanical locks.

Our service

All production and operation equipment sold by DENIOS UK comes with up to a four-year warranty, free delivery and a 30-day returns policy, as detailed in our terms and conditions. Therefore, you can purchase from us with confidence knowing that we have a strong quality assurance system in place. Our customer service is unsurpassed, so you know you can order from us without any risk.

If you have any concerns or questions about any of the items we offer or any of our services, please contact a member of our technical support team or one of our engineers. We always have customer service representatives available to ensure you receive local, reliable and responsive support whenever you need it.

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