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Production & Operation Equipment

Safety equipment for your business

Manufacturing companies not only have increased safety requirements in their daily work but also with hazardous substances.

Under the umbrella of the operating equipment, at DENIOS, thanks to decades of experience, we have incorporated all the products that are used and needed in most manufacturing companies on a daily basis. Examples of these are the following product groups:

  • Shelving
  • Signs & Hazardous Labeling
  • Workplace Lighting and Emergency Lighting
  • Safety Barriers
  • Transport Equipment
  • Lifting Devices
  • Cabinets

Storage & Transport

From small to large: shelves can be found in every company. They offer a lot of storage space with little space requirement and are ideally combinable and expandable. Shelves provide functional and useful storage facilities for office utensils, tools, goods or tools such as oils, paints and varnishes.

Leaking liquids are collected directly, do not get into the drain and are quickly removed. What is loaded daily, loaded with forklifts, lifted, stored or loaded onto trucks, is subjected to the highest load. Pallets and lattice boxes are among the products of a company equipment which is the most popular. Not only in the logistics sector, these transport media are today the industry standard across Europe.

Workplace Lighting

Adequate lighting is an important part of the operating equipment. This can become an important factor when it comes to the effectiveness of the work environment. Optimum lighting conditions ensure continuous optimum production results and provide the highest level of protection for the employee. Emergency lighting ensures additional safety in case of emergency, such as in the event of a fire, or other incidents in their operation.

Production Equipment

There are many safety requirements to be considered when planning and operating a production site. The safe transport of production material is just as important as correct signage, clearly marked walkways, safety barriers and collision protection measures.

All of these factors are essential on-site requirements that have to be planned, implemented and maintained throughout your company facilities. DENIOS is the market leader in the field of occupational safety. Trust our 26 years of experience in environmental protection.