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Heavy Duty Cabinets

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They are used when stored work materials or equipment weigh too much for regular cabinets: Heavy-duty cabinets. With shelves that can withstand much higher loads, they are suitable for storing weight-intensive materials. At DENIOS, you have a large selection of different heavy-duty cabinets so that the right one for your needs is also included.

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Heavy duty cabinets from DENIOS

Heavy duty cabinets from DENIOS: How the models differ

Made of high-quality, robust metal, heavy-duty cupboards are characterised by their high load-bearing capacity. They reliably protect the stored items from dirt, dust and liquids. Choose the right one for your company from the various models. They differ in size, door variant and equipment.

  • Size: DENIOS heavy-duty workshop cabinets are available in different widths from 930 to 1200 millimetres. You also have various depth options from 400 to 800 millimetres, so that even equipment that takes up a lot of space can be neatly stored.

  • Door: Depending on how much space you can spend on the heavy-duty cabinet, you should choose a cabinet with hinged or sliding doors. Hinged doors have the advantage that you can open the cabinet completely at any time. Sliding doors, on the other hand, save space so that the heavy-duty cupboard can also be placed in narrow rooms in this case.

  • Equipment: Simple shelves or pull-out drawers? You have the choice and may select between the two. You can also decide the height of the drawers in the heavy-duty cabinet according to your needs and preferences.

To ensure that the heavy-duty cupboard matches your interior, you can choose from cupboards in different colours such as grey and blue.


Caution: As the cabinets themselves have a high own weight, the surface on which the cabinet is to stand should be checked for suitability beforehand.

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