Storage Container and Dosing Container 

Food-safe storage and dispensing containers from DENIOS offer a collection volume from 35 to 1000 litres, so for every requirement we have the right solution. Plastic barrels are made from food-safe, impact and shock-resistant polyethylene (PE) and are available in 6 sizes.

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Storage and Dispensing Containers

In order to ensure the proper safety and handling of hazardous materials, it is very important to have the right equipment to store them. Proper storage represents the first step in monitoring what will be done with them next. Even if hazardous or flammable substances are intended for transportation or disposal, they still need to be in the right canisters to avoid serious or even fatal accidents.

Effective storage and dispensing containers ensure that hazardous liquids and other dangerous goods are capable of being safely and securely transported on normal public routes without causing any unforeseen harm. The hazardous storage bins and dispensing containers provided by DENIOS UK hold flammable and corrosive liquids, including acids or alkaline solutions, that are in urgent need of proper storage and disposal. To ensure proper outdoor installation, it is necessary to use the correct hazardous storage bins and dispensing containers at all times.

DENIOS UK offers robust storage solutions in order to ensure safe, economic and reliable storage and handling of hazardous materials. We believe it is our responsibility at DENIOS UK to ensure that under no circumstance should the contamination of earth and water bodies take place. We also consider it our prime duty to make sure that we can help provide a healthy and safe work environment for all our clients.

Storage and Dispensing Cans

Our storage and dispensing cans come in two varieties. They come in natural transparent colour with a volume scale displayed on the outer surface. This way, it remains easy to read the level of the product stored at any time. We also offer a range of Black Hazardous Storage Bins and Dispensing Containers, which are specially designed to be suited for light-sensitive storage media. Both kinds of hazardous storage bins and dispensing containers are made of UV-stabilised plastic and have lockable screw lids with seals and moulded threaded sockets.

We understand that the demands of specific industries are different in nature. That is why, we are here to offer different types of hazardous storage bins and dispensing containers that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, i.e. different lengths, widths, diameters and heights, to ensure optimum satisfaction to our industrial clients. Our small containers are ideal for the storage of hazardous materials in smaller quantities. On the other hand, our intermediate sized containers and larger sized containers ensure proper storage of medium to large volume quantities of hazardous components.

Some of the many storage containers we provide are capable of being used as a pouring container as well. Pouring Containers have a large mounting bridge for individual attachment of pumps, stirrers etc. Food-safe containers for storage and dispensing from DENIOS UK offer a collection volume from 35 litres to 1,000 litres, offering the right solution for every equipment type.

Plastic Barrels

At DENIOS UK, we offer plastic barrels that are made from food-safe, shock-resistant and impact-resistant polyethylene (PE) and are available in six different sizes. A selection of containers of different sizes and materials round off the wide-ranging selection of storage containers on offer. Depending on the nature of the material that is due to be stored, the correct canister might be easily chosen from the wide range that we can provide.

Our services

DENIOS UK has all the necessary approvals. ‘Declaration of conformity’ being the approval status of most of your storage and dispensing canisters, including plastic barrels. Our high-quality hazardous storage bins and dispensing containers are aimed to bring confidence and safety with respect to the storage and handling of hazardous materials.

DENIOS UK’s primary motive remains to not only offer the finest service for a range of equipment that we have to offer, but to ensure environmental protection and work safety alongside. We offer a 30-day returns policy, minimum of 2 years warranty and up to 5 years warranty on our selected products. We also offer free delivery on over 10,000+ products to UK mainland addresses.

Our technical support team and engineers are only a phone call away, so please get in touch to get free expert advice today. Our highly qualified and technically sound team is trained to be with you on every step of your purchase, from your first question to even after you have purchased your desired product from us.

Need more information or advice? Call 01952 811 991 to speak to a DENIOS expert.