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Folding cardboard boxes

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When selecting your folding cardboard boxes, you have the option of choosing between 1-, 2- and 3-wall cardboard boxes for different loads etc. - high-quality cardboard boxes made from kraftliner (long-fibre liner paper consisting of at least 80% virgin fibres) or stable versions made from a combination of kraft and testliner (short-fibre liner paper made from recycled paper and cellulose) are available with a slip lid, as an automatic box or erecting box, as a shipping tube or in many other variants.

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Cardboard boxes from DENIOS UK

What do I need cardboard boxes for?

Folding cartons were specially developed to pack and ship goods safely. As cardboard boxes offer a robust yet lightweight packaging solution, they enable products to be transported safely.

Cardboard boxes include various types of folding cardboard boxes that differ in size, shape and thickness. Different types of folding cardboard boxes can be used depending on the requirements and type of product to be shipped.

In addition to folding cardboard boxes, the DENIOS range also includes shipping tubes. Shipping tubes are cylindrical totes that have been specially developed for shipping long and fragile items. Shipping tubes are perfect for the safe transport of posters, plans and similar items that need to be protected from bending and damage. Thanks to their robust construction, shipping tubes offer excellent protection against external influences.

Can folding cardboard boxes be reused?

Yes, in many cases cardboard packaging can be reused. The prerequisite for this is that the cardboard is in good condition and is not damaged. Reusing cardboard packaging not only protects the environment, but also reduces costs.

In addition, folding cardboard boxes that are no longer in good enough condition to safely transport a product are ideal for producing filling material. The cartons can simply be cut into smaller pieces or shredded for this purpose. The resulting filling material can then be used to fill cavities in cartons or parcels and provide additional protection for the products during transport. This not only enables the reuse of packaging materials, but is also a cost-efficient solution.

What cardboard thicknesses are available?

Folding cardboard boxes come in different thicknesses, which are characterised by the number of flutes in the cardboard. DENIOS offers you single-wall cartons as well as double-wall or even triple-wall cartons that can be used for different products. The choice of cardboard thickness depends on the type of product and the need for protection during transport.

The corrugated structure in cardboard boxes provides stability and strength. The corrugations act as small supports that reinforce the carton and provide additional protection. The strength of the carton varies depending on the number of corrugations. The corrugations also help to cushion possible shocks or vibrations during transport.

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