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Flammable Storage Cabinets

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Versatile, safe and useful. DENIOS fire-resistant cabinets for flammable materials and liquids offer a broad range of fire rated solutions. You’ll find a comprehensive choice of flammable cabinets that meet the hazardous material storage requirements, such as the control of substances hazardous to health, under COSHH. We offer you safety cabinets that are fire rated from 15 to 90 minutes in accordance with EN 14470-1, or that have been FM-certified fire resistance in accordance with the American NFPA and OSHA standards.

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Flammable storage cabinets type 30 and type 90

Fire-resistant safety cabinets with EN 14470-1 fire protection

In operational practice, the sorted storage of hazardous materials is often an organizational challenge. Especially when different hazardous materials are used, safe and legally compliant storage can be very time-consuming. Hazardous material cabinets offer you perfect fire protection when storing flammable media. With 90 minutes of fire protection, all DENIOS hazardous material cabinets meet the highest requirements in terms of fire resistance and are approved for the storage of hazardous products in the workplace.

What is EN 14470-1?

The European standard 14470-1 came into force in 2004. This standard regulates the construction and testing requirements for fireproof cabinets with fire protection for the storage of flammable liquids in the workplace.

If you would like to know more about the European standard EN 14470-1, please visit this page.

Why install a certified flammable storage cabinet?

Using DENIOS fire rated safety cabinets, you can store your flammable substances such as paints, varnishes, release agents, oils and cleaners safely and in accordance with legal requirements. Furthermore, these cabinets fulfil the particular requirements for fire and explosion protection.

A flammable cabinet offers the option to store chemicals directly at the workplace, in workshops or laboratories. It can even be installed in a corridor, provided that the escape routes remain wide enough for your staff and the fire brigade.

By decentralizing your chemical storage, you save time in storage and limit the risks when transporting these products. Remember, the fire performance of a certified safety cabinet is the same as that of a permanent building. By storing your flammable products inside a fire cabinet, you give your staff more time to leave the premises and the fire brigade more time to respond safely.

Each DENIOS fire-resistant cabinet is equipped according to your needs. Optional extras include drawers, extra shelves, shelves with retention trays, self-closing doors and door locks. For your safety, the doors will close in the event of a fire.

DENIOS flammable cabinets are made of only the highest quality materials. The chemically resistant plastic coating provides optimum corrosion protection.

Flammable products are extremely dangerous and must therefore be stored according to special regulations and standards. This imposes strict specifications for the storage of flammable substances in fusible containers. For this specific type of storage, DENIOS offers REI 120 solutions with 100% retention.

Advantages of certified fire rated safety cabinets:

  • Approved by an external body and compliant with legislation (EN 14470)

  • High fire resistance (15 to 90 minutes)

  • Certified fire resistance, important for insurers

  • Numerous combinations of shelves, shelving units and drawers possible

  • Classic hinged doors or folding doors to save space in front of the cabinet

  • Automatic door closure in case of fire

  • Integrated retention bins

  • DENIOS guarantee

The DENIOS G-1201 safety cabinet is a perfect example, the classic in the hinged door safety cabinet range. This safety cabinet, with external dimensions of 1200 x 600 x 1970 mm (W x D x H), is equipped as standard with all the features of a modern 90-minute fire-resistant safety cabinet. This safety cabinet is particularly attractive as it offers you an excellent price/performance ratio.

The new generation flammable storage cabinets

A new design and an attractive visual appearance improve the compatibility of the safety cabinets with the storage location. The new concept of the two-colour fire protection cabinet (coloured doors and anthracite body) offers customization of the cabinet and a modern appearance.

The safety cabinet impresses with its extremely robust construction. Its doors also remain in position at every angle of opening. In the event of a fire, an automatic door closing system makes the DENIOS cabinets even more secure.

And of course, these safety cabinets have a fire protection rating of 15 to 90 minutes in accordance with EN 14470-1.

Modern design - a fire protection cabinet that matches your colour sorting system

The fire cabinets have an anthracite body and the doors are available in seven colours at no extra cost: white, grey, silver, green, blue, safety yellow and red. The new robust textured finish offers greater resistance to impact and dirt.

Convenient size - A fire rated safety cabinet that gives you flexibility

The safety cabinets are available in widths of 60, 90 and 120 cm. The optimized height allows the cabinet to be moved underneath conventional doors by pallet truck or trolley. The integrated plinth makes it easier to transport the cabinets.

Thanks to the adjustable feet, even with the 60 cm wide model, the cabinet remains stable in all circumstances. A key lock is fitted as standard to each cabinet model, so that only authorized persons can access the hazardous substances. A red/green display indicates the closed status of the doors.

Expert advice - A fire resistant safety cabinet for better storage of high quantities of small containers

Do you need to store numerous cans, aerosols, bottles or other small containers? We recommend investing in a safety cabinet with drawers. The small space between the drawers allows the cabinet to be equipped with more storage levels than a standard shelf cabinet. Why? You can pull out almost the entire depth of the drawer for easy access to products. The visibility is optimal and allows you to quickly take out the necessary product. In the event of a fire, the drawer retracts into the cabinet by itself and the doors close. Fire protection is guaranteed!

Flammable storage cabinets with FM fire resistance

What is FM certification?

FM certification is a validation by an American accredited organization that carries out tests for materials dedicated to the prevention of risks during the storage and handling of hazardous products.

This includes the testing of fire safety cabinets. They are tested according to the criteria set by the American NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards.

The criteria for FM certified cabinets:

  • Double wall construction with a minimum of 38 mm spacing

  • 2-point locking doors

  • Integrated drip tray with a depth of at least 51 mm

  • Ventilation slots with flame arrestor

  • Possibility of earthing

  • The temperature inside the enclosure shall not exceed 163°C (325°F) during the 10 minute fire test. All joints, welds and doors must remain in place.

Smaller sized flammable storage cabinets

If your location requires a reduced height, fire rated safety cabinet with less storage capacity, use the small G-1200-F safety cabinet with its compact external dimensions of 1200 x 600 x 1300 mm (W x D x H). It is suitable, for example, for installation under a worktop or extractor hood.

This safety cabinet has the same standard features as its larger versions: the floor retention tray with perforated sheeting, height-adjustable shelf trays, automatic door lock and optional extras such as the door locking system, PE overlay tray or additional shelves. This makes the G-1200-F safety cabinet the perfect safety cabinet for small to medium storage requirements.

Ventilation of flammable hazmat cabinets

Is it necessary to install technical ventilation in a fire rated safety cabinet?

Do you notice a smell when you open the cabinet?

If the answer is yes. There is a risk of an explosive atmosphere forming inside the cabinet from the vapours escaping from your containers.

DENIOS flammable safety cabinets are equipped with air inlets and outlets so that a ventilation or filtration system can be connected. In a ventilated safety cabinet with closed doors, the air change rate per hour must ensure a flow rate at least equal to 10 times the volume of the cabinet, with a pressure drop not exceeding 150 Pa. The pressure inside and outside the enclosure shall be the same. The ventilation must be above the drip tray.

Please note that in order for the ventilation to work properly, the cabinet must be completely closed. If not, the ventilation or filtration will be done incorrectly and the risk for the user will remain.

The ventilation of hazardous material cabinets is often realized by connection to a technical exhaust air system. However, this restricts the choice of installation site and usually requires a complex and expensive installation.

The new generation: UFA 2.0

The alternative: The recirculating air filter attachment (UFA) from asecos. The compact unit, supplied ready to plug in, is placed on the hazardous material cabinet in just a few simple steps. A powerful filter system provides reliable protection against solvent vapours (hydrocarbons) as well as maximum flexibility in the choice of location for your hazardous material cabinet. In addition, you avoid expensive installations as well as Ex zones in and around the cabinet.

The first asecos recirculating air filter attachment (UFA) came onto the market around 17 years ago. Now comes a technically completely revised version with many new safety features:

  • Colour display with traffic light system: see filter saturation, operating status and error messages at a glance
  • Improved sensor technology: Measurement of exhaust air volume and pollutant concentration more precisely than ever before
  • Protection via secondary filter: A second activated carbon filter provides additional safety next to the main filter
  • Whisper-quiet design: At only 39 dB (A), the system is extra silent - ideal for use in working environments

Whitepaper: Ventilation of hazardous material cabinets

Nowadays, hazardous materials are increasingly kept at the workplace to create short distances and more efficient processes. Hazardous material cabinets are used for the proper storage of the various chemicals. These must be adequately ventilated to prevent unpleasant odours for employees and the development of hazardous and unhealthy vapours.

We have summarised for you what you should know fundamentally about the topic of ventilation, what alternatives there are and what special advantages the use of recirculating air filter attachments offers.

The UFA 2.0 explained in a video

asecos hazardous material expert Florian Holz shows you how the new recirculating air filter attachment works and how easy it is to install it on your hazardous materials cabinet as well.

New or retrofit: The choice is yours!

The UFA is compatible with all current fire-resistant hazardous material cabinets from asecos (except FM-certified models). Retrofitting is possible without complications. An attachment adapter is available for cabinets built in 2005 and earlier as well as for other makes. Otherwise, you can find suitable hazardous material cabinets in the DENIOS online shop:

Other storage options for hazardous materials

As well as flammable storage cabinets for hazardous materials, DENIOS UK also stocks other safety cabinets, including ones for chemical storage such as acid storage cabinets, a dispensing cabinet and a paint storage cabinet. These are designed to be used in warehouses, stores, laboratories and anywhere else where hazardous materials are kept.

For chemical storage, for instance, DENIOS UK has solutions for small volumes of greases, oils and chemicals, from bunded pallets and spill strays to cabinets. We also offer individual custom solutions related to hazardous materials storage technology, air technology, industrial sub-cleaning, technical safety rooms and thermotechnology, so we can accommodate even the most complex of requirements, and have provided SMEs and multinationals around the world with tailor-made solutions.

Our team of experts work with customers throughout the process from consultation, assessment and installation to give you confidence and assistance.

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