How do I choose the right sampler?

The sampler is selected according to the material. First, a distinction is made between disposable and reusable samplers. Disposable samplers are usually used in clean rooms and laboratories. They are sterile and therefore indispensable for germ-free samples, for example in the food industry. Many types of samplers are also available in the sterile version. For the removal of liquids, many products can be used, including the creator, sampler or vacuum sampler. Subsequently, the samples are used to determine mixing ratios, purity and much more.

Samplers for viscous media are often used in the chemical and food industry. With our sampler ViscoSampler, viscous substances can be easily absorbed and emptied back. Products such as bulk materials, granules or powders can be taken up with special solids samplers. These include zone collectors, sack-cutters, samplers and many more. 

How can I clean the sampler?

While disposable samplers can be disposed of after use, multiple-use samplers must be thoroughly cleaned after use to avoid falsification of future sampling. Oily media or hazardous substances require thorough cleaning and control. For many of our samplers there is a suitable cleaning brush for an uncomplicated cleaning.

We also have industrial cleaning equipment available by clicking here.



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