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Spillage Decking

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With the storage of hazardous liquids there is always the risk of accidental spillage during filling and dispensing processes. Bunded spill flooring by DENIOS can be installed over large floor areas or in whole rooms.

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SpillGuard® connect

Safely networked. Innovative, digital leakage management

Use the advantages of digitalisation for your leakage management 4.0: With the new, innovative SpillGuard® connect leakage detector, you can monitor your sumps centrally via a web application and be alerted in real time in the event of a leakage.

Bunded Spill Flooring from DENIOS

Spillage Decking - The spill pallets for larger areas

Although drums and containers in the workplace are generally stored on spill pallets, Bunded Spill Flooring can still be used to reduce the risk of spillage or leaks when moving, filling or decanting these containers. They also provide a slip-proof surface for workers, increasing safety and lessening the chance of an accidental spill. Bunded Spill Flooring from DENIOS UK can be quickly laid down, arranged and linked up according to your requirements, providing a temporary or semi-permanent solution to the problem of storing, moving and using potentially hazardous liquids.

This modular flooring system comes in a range of sizes and is ideal for complete surface protection of areas larger than a single unit. Bunded Spill Flooring can easily be extended to cover a whole room. Both assemblage and pack-down is quick and simple, and individual units can be conveniently stored away when not in use.

Bunded Spill Flooring is available in both steel and plastic decking. Different options serve different purposes, so make sure that you choose the one that is right for your needs.

What are the spillage decking advantages ?

  • Protection of large areas
  • With access ramp
  • Safe and durable
  • Can be combined
  • Safety during transfer and filling
  • Legally compliant storage

What can be stored on spillage decking ?

Steel Bunded Flooring

Our Steel Bunded Flooring is made from galvanised steel with removable hot dip galvanised grids for greater strength and supportability. It is suitable for storing flammable liquids and materials of all water hazard classes. Individual stainless steel collecting trays are also available.

The great advantage of Steel Bunded Flooring is that it can support the weight of a forklift truck, which can be driven directly onto the decking using one of our specially designed ramps. Our basic Steel Spill Flooring can support a wheel load of 450kg, with some ranges able to support a hefty wheel load of 2000kg.

All DENIOS UK Steel Bunded Flooring has sealing tested in accordance with EN ISO 3452-1 and comes with its factory test certificate. A range of custom designs is also available on request.

Plastic Bunded Flooring

All of our Plastic Spillage Decking is made up of polyethylene (PE) spill pallets with a grid of either more polyethylene or Galvanised Steel. PE is environmentally friendly and has a high resistance to corrosive chemicals. As such, our PE Plastic Bunded Flooring is specifically intended for use with acids, alkalis and oils. The grid is removable and our Plastic Bunded Flooring system has a maximum wheel load of 150kg.

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