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Floor Marking and Floor Repair

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Use floor marking to mark traffic routes or barrier zones in production environments or outdoors. The colors adhere to all common surfaces, are abrasion-resistant, weather-resistant and largely resistant to oil.

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Floor Marking and Floor Repair

Clear floor markings can be a vital part of work safety and organisation, both in terms of providing guidance for workers and for informing and protecting the public. Floor Marking Paint and Floor Marking Tape can both be used for this purpose, while Anti-Slip Matting serves a clearer safety-oriented purpose – greatly reducing the risk of slips, trips and falls in a wide range of circumstances.

Floor Marking Paint

For quick and easy marking on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, tar, metal and tiles, DENIOS UK provides a broad selection of Floor Marking Paints in 750ml aerosol cans. Our most popular line is the 750ml Yellow Marking Paint Can, but these spray cans are also available in red, white, black, blue, green, orange and grey. Silicone-free, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and include a manual spray button for quick and accurate marking.

Each can is able to spray a 50 mm-wide line for approximately 50–90 metres, depending on the surface. The paint is abrasion and chemical resistant and should ideally be used with our specialised Mobile Marking Equipment. The Model 100 is designed for two cans, giving a line width of 100–130 mm, while the Model 50 holds one can for a 50–75 mm line.

Also for use with our spray marking paint is our Template Set, Letter Height 300 mm, which includes letters A–Z and numbers 0–9. This is also available in a 150 mm size.

Floor Marking Tape

Our sturdy and resilient Floor Marking Tape comes in black, white, yellow, blue, green, red, orange, yellow & black and red & white, in both 50 mm and 75 mm sizes. It can be bought in sets of two rolls, each of which is 33 m long. This tape is ideal for marking out entrances and exits, including fire escapes, and for marking out specific areas of the workplace. Residue-free on most floors, it is a perfect temporary solution, but can also be used in the long term – specifically in areas where it won't be regularly walked or driven over.

Anti-Slip Strips

For use on stairs, ladders, ramps and tread areas on machinery, as well as around rooms and hallways, our Universal Safety-Walk Anti-Slip Strip prevents dangerous falls and accidents with a slip-resistant mineral granulation embedded in a rough, lasting polymer. It is available in yellow, black and transparent colours.

Our Black Deformable Anti-Slip Strip uses a flexible design bonded by a soft aluminium backing film, and as such is ideal for uneven surfaces such as steps or stud plates. For outdoor use on roads, construction vehicles and forestry or agriculture projects, the Extra-Strong Safety-Walk Anti-Slip Strip gives a hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant solution.

Floor Coatings and Repair

PROline-Paint 2k Floor Marking Paint comes in three varieties: water-based, one-component, and suitable for forklifts. Colours include red, white, yellow, blue, stone grey and silver grey. Different coating paints are designed for different purposes: all give excellent dirt-repellent adhesion and are highly chemically resistant.

Our Restore Floor Repair is a resilient, two-component mix suitable for most floor types. Mouldable, easy to use and fast drying, it provides a satisfactory repair solution for holes, cracks and uneven surfaces in a variety of substances.

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