Personal Protective Equipment

Work Safety Equipment

Numerous hazards present themselves in the workplace, whether in a small office or a large chemical manufacturing plant. The severity and scale of the risks might vary from business to business, but protecting staff is a universal concern among them.

It is imperative that your employees follow comprehensive health and safety protocol to protect themselves, their colleagues and their working environment. Accidents happen, but many preventative and proactive steps can mitigate risks or avoid them altogether. These might include robust training programmes, dedicated health and safety representatives, clear signage or detailed risk assessments.

But, for day-to-day operations, one of the best preventative strategies available is high-quality personal protective equipment because it is often the first line of defence against hazards and accidents.

Personal Protective Equipment - PPE

Your requirements for protecting your employees will vary depending on your industry and the nature of your operations. DENIOS UK offers an extensive range of PPE equipment to ensure that your staff are protected from workplace dangers.

Safe handling

Many businesses focus their operations on movement. They might sell heavy or bulky raw materials and manufactured products, for instance from a timber yard or furniture depot. Other logistical companies like delivery and distribution outfits also focus on the movement of goods as core components to their business. While many of these operations are automated or rely on heavy plants and machinery, there are still people behind the controls, in the warehouse, or darting around the loading bay. In all these environments, protective gloves provide the necessary safeguards in a variety of circumstances: whether handling volatile materials or working in extreme temperatures – hot and cold.

If there are a lot of moving parts to your business, or maybe your company works with electrical systems, you will understand that it’s easy for sparks to start flying. Should this be the case, protective glasses are invaluable. If you are in the construction and building industry, it might be particulates and dust that obscure your vision. Technicians and lab assistants that operate in environments where there are toxic gases or high temperature steam to contend with will certainly require appropriate eyewear. Make sure that your workforce has the right PPE on hand to perform their tasks efficiently and effectively but, more importantly, safely.

Environmental safety

A lot of the environmental factors mentioned above – steam, gas, dust and particulates – do not just affect the eyes. While this is an important concern, employers must also consider the impacts of these foreign bodies on staff if they enter their respiratory systems.

If your work activities entail fumes, harmful gases or other airborne contaminants, then you need to ensure that they do not harm your employees. DENIOS offers a broad range of masks and breathing protection equipment which will make sure that they can operate without suffering from airborne pollutants, contaminants or irritants.

Noise pollution

Amidst the hustle and bustle of a modern enterprise, it’s easy for the activity and din to drown everything else out. You can almost hear it now: the whir of power tools, the roar of heavy machinery, the incessant jackhammers, the whine of traffic on the main road nearby – it’s a wonder anyone can hear themselves think over this chaos.

Not only is this noise distracting, it can damage eardrums and hearing permanently. If your operations are noisy affairs, adequate hearing protection or plugs will be instrumental in protecting your employees’ hearing – and perhaps their sanity!

Our service

All of the PPE equipment supplied by DENIOS UK comes with a 30 days return policy, up to four years warranty and free delivery – subject to terms and conditions. As such, you can place orders knowing that a robust quality assurance system is in place and you are receiving products without risk.

If you have any questions related to any of the items in our product range or any of the services that we provide, please contact one of our engineers or technical support team. We keep representatives at your beck and call to ensure that local, responsive and reliable support is always on hand.