Breathing Protection

Work activities may result in harmful substances contaminating the air in the form of dust, mist, gas or fume. Workers may also need to work in areas where oxygen levels are low, for example: confined spaces, such as a chamber or tank. Breathing protection equipment is designed to protect the wearer from these hazards.

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Breathing Protection Equipment 

The health and safety of employees working on business premises needs to be protected and safeguarded at all times, particularly when accidents could wreak havoc with their health and well being. It is vital that companies adhere to health and safety protocols and that employees follow rules of procedure that are clearly understood. Smoke and fumes lingering in the air at a workplace can pose a serious health threat, and in such cases, wearing breathing protection equipment such as respirators and breathing apparatus is often essential.

When companies carry out working practices, especially when dealing with chemicals and acids, toxins can be released in the form of fumes and smoke. The fumes and smoke contain particles that if inhaled, can cause serious health risks. The proper equipment protects the individual wearer against the dangers thereby ensuring that workplace safety is under control.

Our range of breathing protection equipment

DENIOS UK provides a wide variety of dust masks and fume masks in addition to other relevant equipment. This kit functions to protect work personnel against hazardous gases and fumes. We provide various types of filters, such as gas filters, combination filters, particle filters and multi-use combination filters. In addition to this, we also offer folding masks with valve, half masks with filters, full masks without filters, a shaped mask with valves and shaped masks without. This respiratory protective equipment helps to reduce the risk of contamination and minimises the risks involved when using or moving hazardous materials.

The time and place to use breathing protection equipment

Breathing protection equipment needs to be used at work when risks to health are possible for workers that have to work with or otherwise handle potentially noxious substances. An assessment has to be conducted to ensure that the equipment fits the required purpose. Taking into account the kind of hazards your business processes could possibly create is imperative when selecting respiratory protective equipment. Employees working in confined spaces and hazardous atmospheres also need to ensure that the applicable breathing protection is used.

What does breathing protection equipment safeguard against?

Those working in environments where such accidents and resulting injury can occur need breathing protective equipment close at hand. Its correct use by working personnel prevents them breathing in contaminated air that can cause serious damage to the body’s respiratory system. Gas masks filter out toxic gases and chemicals so that you are protected against ill effects and health impacts.The equipment is vital for employees working in large chemical manufacturing plants, chambers and tanks.