Recycling Separation Bins

The collection of waste, recycling material and hazardous substances pose many different problems for a business, including consideration for how the waste will be collected by the respective waste contractor. DENIOS offers the perfect product solution for all your applications.

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flammable waste bin

When should waste collectors be fireproof?


Fireproof or fire retardants are used if flammable materials are used at the installation site or if there is a risk of flying sparks. Our recyclable waste heaters made of stainless steel are non-flammable according to EN13501-1 and minimize the risk of fire. Self-closing and self-extinguishing waste collectors also provide additional security.

Hazardous substances such as chemicals must not be disposed of via normal waste. There are special storage and disposal regulations for this purpose. In our assortment you will find storage containers and waste collectors for hazardous substances .

Recycling Separation Bins - DENIOS UK

In recent years, sustainable working practices such as recycling have become major issues for business. DENIOS UK can help you keep your facility as environmentally friendly as possible with our large collection of waste recycling bins. These allow your team to organise and divide used products quickly and accurately. Available in various sizes to suit the processes in your facility, many are colour-coordinated, so it’s easier to bring diverse recycling under control.

We know that waste collection is a concern in many industries, from pharmaceutical to food manufacturing and automotive, but with our equipment, you can make the process more streamlined. We have recycling separation bins with between one and six containers and in volumes of between 11 and 120 litres. In terms of materials, we have plastic, steel and stainless steel waste collectors. These can be purchased as a fixed unit or a mobile system to enhance work safety when moving refuse.

Plastic waste collection systems

When there is a large amount of waste to sort, one of our Modular Waste Collection Systems For Recyclable Materials, 4 Bins, 60 Litres helps to get it done quickly. A flexible choice that can be used as one unit or joined together with others to make a bespoke solution, these collectors come with various coloured lids so that you can create the ideal system. DENIOS UK recommends these for waste management in factories, warehouses and near workstations where various products need to be disposed of. Pictures are included to guide staff in separating materials, and the inner bags are secured in place with clamps.

Fire-retardant steel bins

DENIOS UK can assist your business in meeting its environmental protection targets, no matter how much waste is produced on a daily basis. Our Fire-Retardant Recycling Steel Bin With Two Wheels 60 Litre In Black/Red gives you peace of mind, as your employees’ safety is protected whatever gets put inside. Other colours are included in this range, and the bins are fitted with two wheels, making manual handling a simpler task. Sometimes a workshop produces corrosive waste alongside its recyclables, and we therefore have hazardous waste bins designed specifically to meet all your health and safety requirements.

Collection stations

To collect and segregate recyclable materials from across a workshop, lab or office space, DENIOS UK has a range of mobile solutions that are conveniently housed in trollies. Our Recyclable Materials Collection Station has two collecting boxes, each with one 30-litre box and two 15-litre boxes. The lids are a different colour, so sorting is simple, and the four swivel castors have rubber wheels, so the unit rolls smoothly over carpet or pavement.