Fire-Rated Gas Cylinder Storage

Safety and responsibility are the highest priority when it comes to fire resistant gas cylinder storage. Gas cylinders are best stored outdoors when possible, if this is not possible then fire resistant gas cylinder cabinets can be used.

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Fire Rated Gas Cylinder Storage

If a fire breaks out on any kind of premises it can be devastating, with the risk of serious injuries and severe damage to the property unless it is brought under control quickly. A fire can be much more dangerous of course if gas is stored on the premises. If gas explosions occur there will be greater damage and severe injuries, and possibly fatalities among staff and firefighters. You can reduce the risk of gas explosions in the event of a fire by using effective gas storage measures. Fire rated gas cylinder storage will prevent fire from reaching the gas cylinders on your premises, allowing time for the fire to be brought under control.

Fire rated gas bottle storage

There are a number of cabinets and stores available in the range of fire rated gas bottle storage at DENIOS UK. The secure cabinets provide a period of 30 or 90 minutes’ fire resistance. All have been put through rigorous testing to ensure they reach the best possible safety standards.

Every business is different. Some may need to store many gas cylinders, while some may need only a few; some may want to store them outdoors, others inside. You may need one for storing ten-litre gas cylinders or 50 litre types. There may even be requirements as to which way you want the door to open. Fortunately, DENIOS UK has an extensive range to suit all uses.

For storing a small number of cylinders, you might choose a Fire-Resistant Compressed Air Gas Cylinder Cabinet 600mm wide, a compact fire rated bottle cabinet that stores two cylinders. To store four cylinders, look at the Fire-Resistant Compressed Air Gas Cylinder Cabinet 1400mm wide. For greater storage, DENIOS has a range of fire-resistant gas cylinder cabinets for an exterior position, such as the Gas Cylinder Store GFT 33.9. The exterior cabinets include models that can store up to 48 canisters.

The range is convenient to install, allowing the cabinets to be placed directly against a wall if required, and there are accompanying accessories for the secure installation of the cylinders inside the cabinets and any necessary ventilation. The fire rated gas bottle cabinets are often used in demanding industrial environments where the flooring can be uneven, making them potentially hazardous, however, adjustable feet allow the cabinets to be used safely even on uneven flooring.

Gas storage safety

With the inherent risks that come with gas, safety around the cylinders and the fire-resistant gas cylinder cabinets is paramount. All Gas Cylinder Storage products supplied by DENIOS UK comply with the British Safety Gas Council recommendations and meet the laws surrounding security and ventilation. Additionally, the fire rated gas bottle cabinets have been DIN tested to ensure that they are approved as G90 and G30 according to DIN EN 14470-2 to be fire-resistant for the required length of time.

Once installed on your premises, there are a number of steps that you can take to increase gas safety. The fire-resistant gas cylinder cabinets are lockable to ensure that only authorised personnel are able to access them. If the door is left open, it will significantly reduce the fire-resistant properties, so make sure that they are kept locked after removing or replacing the cylinders.

A good fire safety strategy is also essential. Prevention is always the best course but ensure that you have a good fire safety drill so that if a fire should break out it can be speedily brought under control within the time constraints of your fire rated gas cylinder storage.

Why shop at DENIOS UK?

When you buy your fire rated gas cylinder storage from DENIOS UK, you can shop with confidence, knowing that you are buying from a supplier with many years’ experience in environmental protection. Today, we are industry leaders in hazmat storage. With health and safety at work such a key area to get right, it makes sense to trust the experts. At DENIOS, we pride ourselves on offering good customer service. Once you have ordered your fire rated gas bottle storage, we will deliver it for free, subject to terms and conditions. We have a 30-day returns policy to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your order. Ongoing customer support is very important to us. Our fire-resistant gas cylinder cabinets come with a five-year guarantee, and we have a dedicated and skilled technical support team ready to help in the event of any problems. If you have any questions about our products and services or need any other assistance with your order, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer services team.