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IBC is an abbreviation of intermediate bulk container, sometimes known as an IBC tote or IBC tank. This reusable industrial container was designed to handle the transport and storage of bulk granulated and liquid substances, including food ingredients, chemicals, solvents and pharmaceuticals.

Choose an IBC storage container adapted to your needs: the type of products to be stored will influence what type of IBC you need. DENIOS offers you storage tanks from 600 to 1000 litres. Our IBC storage containers come in a standard version on a plastic or wooden pallet, or in a stainless steel version for the storage of dangerous and restrictive products.

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IBC Storage Containers from DENIOS

Briefly explained: the intermediate bulk container

Intermediate Bulk Containers, or IBC for short, have long been established as the industry standard.

In most cases, the IBC is made of plastic, stands on a pallet and is surrounded by a metal tube frame. This offers additional protection for the stored goods.

The usual capacities are 500 to 3,000 litres, but the most common is the variant with a volume of 1,000 litres.

The cubic shape of IBCs mean storage space can be used more efficiently than with drums.

IBC storage containers

Choose an IBC storage container adapted to your needs: the type of products to be stored will influence what type of IBC you need.

DENIOS offers you storage tanks from 600 to 1000 litres. Our IBC storage containers come in a standard version on a plastic or wooden pallet, or in a stainless steel version for the storage of dangerous and restrictive products.

Plastic or stainless steel IBC tanks from 600 to 1000 litres

It is vital that when transporting dangerous goods the packaging or containers are safe enough to withstand the stresses of normal transport conditions.

Due to their stable construction, IBCs are ideal for use in the transport of dangerous goods. They are suitable for liquid goods of packaging groups II and III, for flammable liquids in accordance with the Industrial Safety Ordinance and as collection and removal containers.

For safe storage, we recommend that IBC storage tanks of 1000 litres or less are stored on suitable spill pallets or sumps.

What types of IBC storage containers are available?

DENIOS offers various IBC tanks that are tailored to various requirements. We offer the following IBCs:

  • Constructed from plastic or stainless steel

  • From 600 to 1000 litres

  • Two different outlet openings

  • Three different filling openings

  • With PE / wood pallet or steel runners

  • EX versions

  • In transparent or black with UV protection

IBC tanks for the food industry

IBCs are commonly used in the food sector, for fruit juices, oils, fats, flavours or additives etc.. The highest hygiene standards apply in this sector. In food production storage and processes, the contents of storage containers are changed, exchanged or reloaded frequently. Stainless steel IBC storage containers can be cleaned with almost no residue and stand up to the specific demands on the industry.

Regardless of the material stored, it is often necessary, especially with food, to keep additives, oils or fats at a constant temperature level. Production processes are often dependent on this. DENIOS also offers thermotechnical solutions for small and large applications. This includes solutions such as heating jackets, hot boxes, heated containers and cold rooms.

Storage and transport of hazardous materials with DENIOS IBC Storage containers

DENIOS standard 1000 litre IBCs are made of highly resistant and UV-stabilised HDPE (high density polyethylene) for outdoor storage. A fixed tubular steel frame protects the structure from shocks during transport. The large display panel on the IBC storage tank makes it quick and easy to identify the contents. The filling opening is equipped with a screw cap and can be sealed for secure access. All models can be picked up from all 4 sides by forklift or pallet truck. For use in hazardous areas, choose the ATEX version.

For safe storage and transport of hazardous materials, we recommend the use of stainless steel IBC tanks. With the 1000 litre IBCs you can safely transport ADR class II and III products as well as flammable liquids. The top has a 400 mm diameter inspection opening with a threaded cover with 6 eyebolts and NBR seal. The floor consists of a cap for optimal draining and a 2" ball valve with stainless steel cap. These stainless steel IBCs are approved according to UN 31 A/Y/.../D/BAM 6700.

Accessories to improve IBC lifetime and usability - mixing and transferring contents

DENIOS offers you a wide range of professional accessories for the daily use of IBCs: tank openers, pumps etc.

If the contents of the IBC need to be mixed regularly, e.g. in the case of emulsions, mixers and agitators can be used. These are installed directly in the opening of the IBC. They are available in combination with a pump. It is important to adapt the agitator to the tank content in order to achieve the best outcome. Also available in an ATEX version, it is possible to work even in sensitive working areas. See our range of mixers and agitators for drums and IBCs.

IBC Containers - 16 questions for IBC experts

IBCs are some of the most widely used containers in industry.

Buying, using and maintaining them correctly can have a big impact upon the efficiencies in your business.

Our experts answer the 16 most frequently asked questions about IBCs in the new DENIOS guide.

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