Grit Bins

Grit bins

DENIOS range of grit bins and sand boxes are essential to ensure the areas around your business remain snow and ice free.

Our grit bins and sand boxes have many functional details. They are weatherproof, manufactured from environmentally friendly polyethylene and available in light grey with a choice of 3 colors for your lid. The lid is lightweight and can be dismantled without tools, and all of our grit boxes are key lockable for security.

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Grit Bins

Grit bins can be an essential piece of equipment during the harsh winter months. Having an accessible supply of grit onsite when temperatures drop means you can always keep your walkways and car parks safe for people to walk on. A simple slip on ice can lead to serious injuries, but these risks can be avoided if there are stocked grit bins or sand boxes at your facility. Smaller grit bins are also available for household use, to keep paths and driveways clear of ice and snow.

The grit bins offered by DENIOS UK are weatherproof and have been made from environmentally-friendly polyethylene. Our standard box comes in a light grey shade with a choice of several lid colours. All of the grit containers can be locked if needed and they are easy to take apart without the use of specialist tools. They are impact-resistant and need very little maintenance, so they will last for a number of years before needing to be repaired or replaced.


With a range of accessories also available, making sure your working space is free from hazardous ice is as simple as opening the grit box and using a shovel to spread the grit around. You can also use it to fill a dispensing trolley. The bins range in size from 100 litres to 1,000 litres, so there is a suitable option provided by DENIOS UK for your unique working environment, no matter the capacity. Even larger areas can be gritted in just a few minutes with the help of a dispensing trolley.

Of course, you may need to move your grit boxes around from time to time. At DENIOS UK, we offer accessories to help you to do just that. Naturally, when the boxes are full they can become extremely heavy, but you do not necessarily have to empty them in order to move them. Some of our grit boxes have a base frame complete with castors that they can sit on in order to be moved around. This feature can be useful in work areas where the grit box might need to be in a particular place on one day and move to a new area of your site the next.

Access to contents

Certain grit boxes come with a dispensing hatch. These boxes are ideal if you only want to grab a shovel-full of grit to cover a small path or if you don’t have a trolley at your facility. The hatch is situated low down on the box and provides easy access to the grit when needed. Without a dispensing hatch, you will need to open the lid of the sand box to get to the grit or salt.

If you have any questions about the DENIOS UK range of grit bins, please reach out and call us for expert advice from the DENIOS UK team. We are happy to help and will provide you with the answers that you need. Our team can advise about product warranties and returns policies, as well as dealing with every aspect of your order.

Need more information or advice? Call 01952 700 567 to speak to a DENIOS expert.