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Spray Cans and Plunger Cans

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The spray and plunger cans secure humidification sponges and rags. The main advantage is that they allow to avoid waste because the unused recast liquid inside the container. Sprayer can allow you to economically project a measured amount of liquid on parts and surfaces to be cleaned.

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FALCON plunger cans in polyethylene (PE)
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Spray and Plunger Cans from DENIOS

Minimise cleanser waste with the help of our spray and plunger cans. DENIOS UK stocks a wide variety of spray and plunger can models, including those constructed from plastic, steel and stainless steel. Offering some products designed for use with liquids containing solvents and others designed for use with acidic liquids or alkaline liquids, we have spray cans and plunger cans to suit most applications.

Plunger cans work to securely moisten sponges and rags and prevent waste. They keep unused liquid inside the container and dispense only the required amount, allowing any residual fluid to flow back into the can. This also works to minimise the volume of fumes to which the operator is exposed. A spray can allows you to dispense a measured amount of liquid onto any parts and surfaces that need cleaning.

Designed for any organisation where potentially dangerous cleaners are in use, both our spray cans and plunger cans work to keep the amount of cleaner used to the absolute minimum. Our selection of spray cans includes both traditional spray cans such as the Steel Spray Can and pressurised models such as the DPZ Professional L 1500 Model L for the even atomisation of liquids.

Our plunger cans range in size from 1L to 4L, and our spray cans range in capacity from 500ml to 2L. You can rest assured that DENIOS UK has the products to suit the needs of your organisation. Whether you require a 500ml spray can such as our Manual Spray Bottle Professional with a precise spray volume per stroke we have the tools to make your job easier.

Improved safety

Designed with safety in mind, our plunger cans provide additional protection for the operator by reducing the volume of generated fumes, minimising the overall usage of cleaner and preventing flashback with the addition of an integrated flame arrester. Our plunger cans made with polyethylene can resist impacts, while our Stainless Steel Plunger Cans and Steel Plunger Cans both feature protective plastic rings to lessen the effects of impacts.

These products work to minimise the amount of cleaning liquid required to complete a given job, which reduces the volume of hazardous liquids that might adversely affect workers and the environment.

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