Railings are ideal for distinguishing individual work areas from traffic routes and protecting plant and equipment from collisions. Depending on the application, products made of steel or plastic should be used.

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Railings - DENIOS UK

Installing safety railings in the workplace is a great way to improve health and safety practices. They will help divide work areas from those parts of the site that are used by vehicles such as forklift trucks. Railings can be used to create safe walkways for staff so that they can get from one part of the site to another without crossing too many vehicle routes. Making these safety improvements will mean fewer accidents in the workplace and less downtime for staff and equipment. These railings can also be used to protect equipment from potential damage from vehicles. They are made from either steel or plastic and come in various shapes and sizes, so there is a wide range of options to choose from to suit your specific work area and needs.

DENIOS UK offers a wide range of work safety equipment to a diverse range of industrial sectors. Our inventory will be sure to contain safety barriers and impact protection to meet your needs.

The DENIOS UK range

Consider polyethylene railings with a 2400mm width. These railings feature black posts with yellow handrails and have been designed for use indoors. This multi-functional railing system can be put to a number of uses, including protecting staff, equipment, stock and buildings. It can be seen easily thanks to its bright colour scheme. Easy to install, it requires minimal maintenance. Once in place, this system will last for years. Durably built, this system will absorb minor bumps and shocks, and all the materials used in the railings can be recycled. The system comes complete with all the fastenings that are required for installation and setup.

Alternatively, you could opt for the U-shaped protection barrier for your industrial railings. The SB L2 model comes in a striking yellow colour. The construction is tubular, and it has a thickness of 42mm. The steel itself is 2mm thick, and it comes with all the fittings needed to set the barrier into concrete. There are black warning markings on the barrier, and the bright colour ensures that it can be easily seen from a distance. This railing will help to protect equipment and workers from an accidental vehicle collision.

Workplace railings can also include corner posts. These come in a variety of sizes, including posts that are 10cm square with a height of one metre. These strong posts are made of coated yellow plastic and are designed to be set into concrete, where they will help to separate out vehicle ways from walkways. Easy to install, they can be floor mounted and are designed to be used indoors, making them ideal for warehouses and factories.

Choosing industrial railings

Industrial railings are a useful addition to any workplace to promote both health and safety. Once in place, they will remain there for many years and require very little maintenance. If you are unsure which workplace railings are suitable for your factory or warehouse, talk to a member of the team at DENIOS UK. Our staff have extensive knowledge on our product range and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. We offer a warranty of up to two years and a 30-day returns policy for robust quality assurance.

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