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Warning devices and detectors

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In the case of hazards that spread unnoticed and silently, warning devices and detectors become lifesavers: Escaping hazardous substances such as gases or vapours are reliably detected by professional warning devices and the detector triggers an alarm to which you can respond immediately. By the way: You will also find leakage detectors at DENIOS UK.

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Warning devices and detectors from DENIOS UK

What are gas detectors used for?

With the help of gas detectors, the concentration of gases in the air can be precisely monitored. This is particularly important when dealing with colourless and odourless gases such as carbon monoxide, which cannot be perceived by humans through their sensory organs. Since such gases often have a toxic effect on humans or are highly explosive, it is important to use detectors that emit warning signals when critical gas concentrations are exceeded, for example. In addition to warning against excessive concentrations of dangerous gases, gas detectors are also capable of warning against falling below the concentration of vital gases such as oxygen. Due to these properties, warning devices and detectors are used in numerous areas such as sewers, manholes, wastewater treatment plants and on construction sites or landfills.

SpillGuard® connect

Safely networked. Innovative, digital leakage management

Use the advantages of digitalisation for your leakage management 4.0: With the new, innovative SpillGuard® connect leakage detector, you can monitor your sumps centrally via a web application and be alerted in real time in the event of a leakage.

Where and when are gas detectors used?

DENIOS UK offers a wide range of mobile gas detectors of the Dräger brand. Depending on the need and area of application, the warning devices are designed for different gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen and much more. Most of the devices offered are detectors designed for a specific gas. However, there are also warning devices in the range that can measure the concentration of two different gases. All the devices on offer have a haptic, optical and acoustic triple alarm and are ATEX-compliant. They also have a robust design, powerful batteries and a user-friendly display. In addition to the actual gas detectors, the DENIOS UK range also includes a number of accessories. These include, for example, various test devices that can be used to check the functionality of the gas detectors. A communication module with USB cable for connecting a warning device to a computer is also available.

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