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Hazardous Substance Racking

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Hazardous substance racking enables the space-saving storage of hazardous substances on several levels. We can supply you with hazardous substance racking in various designs, adapted to the storage of hazardous materials in small containers, drums or IBCs. Small container shelving, drum racks, pallet racks and rack spill pallets are available for this purpose.

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Hazardous substance racking for hazardous material storage in your business

Shelving solutions for every container

When it comes to storing hazardous substances in environmental racking or safety racking, companies from almost all industrial sectors trust DENIOS expertise.

Small container shelving
Small container shelving from DENIOS enables the safe and legally compliant storage of small containers on several storage levels. Depending on design, they are suitable for the storage of water-polluting substances, flammable liquids or aggressive chemicals.The DENIOS range of small container shelves are sturdy, easy to clean and hygienic.

Drum racks
Stackable shelving units and drum racks are used wherever hazardous substances have to be stored and dispensed safely from drums and small containers. Spill pallets in steel or polyethylene mean that these pallets can be adapted to the properties of the media stored

Pallet racking
Pallet racking from DENIOS saves space and reduces throughput times. They improve workflows and therefore increase in-house productivity. The adapted spill trays meet the legal requirements in line with HSG51, HSG 71 and in line with SEMA requirements.

The screwless plug-in system is supplied with support frames. Pallet racks can be combined and extended as desired as Combi racks. A pallet rack allows drums to be stored vertically or horizontally. IBCs may also be stored. Inserts for the spill trays are optional extras that enable the storage of acids and alkalis.

Containment racking
Containment racking in steel or plastic is available in two versions: for placing on the shelf cross members or as a floor tray. Existing rack systems can be retrofitted easily and cost-effectively in compliance with the law. Steel containment racking is suitable for storing water-polluting substances and flammable liquids. Polyethylene containment racking is used for storing acids and alkalis. DENIOS produces containment racking for all current shelf widths. The units are available with hot dip galvanised grids.

Hazardous substance racking for full legal compliance

Shelving solutions for every container

Saving space, preventing personnel from injury and compliance with environmental legislation: all three can be guaranteed with a suitable hazardous substance racking solution from DENIOS. Whatever the industry – chemicals handling, engineering, auto-motive, facility maintenance and repair, materials processing, construction or agricul-ture – storing hazardous substances doesn’t have to be complicated. Browse the full DENIOS range of small container shelving, drum storage racking, pallet racks and con-tainer shelving for solutions that prioritise quality workmanship, ease of use and work-place safety.

DENIOS hazardous substance racking: purpose

The best practices for proper hazardous substance storage are numerous: materials should be stored in suitable containers; contingencies should be made in the event of spills or accidents; designated areas should be created to guarantee safe navigation by mobile equipment such as forklifts; hazardous materials should be easily accessible by authorised personnel while remaining safely cradled at all times; and the hazardous substance racking solution should be rated for the liquid or semi-solid substance being held there. All of these criteria can be met with a robust DENIOS solution for the stor-age of hazardous substances.

Types of hazardous substance racking

Small container racks, large drum storage brackets, pallet shelves and more: no two workplaces or industries are the same, which is why it is important to review your storage requirements prior to deciding on a product for the storage of hazardous sub-stances. A practical overview of the different categories is provided below:

Drum storage racking

Manufactured from robust galvanised steel and intended for use in harsh industrial en-vironments, storage racks for drums are a safe and secure way to store hazardous substances on a large scale. These racks – in configurations of up to nine drums in a single structure – allow for drums to be stacked in columns up to three levels high or in horizontal rows, depending on requirements. Built-in forklift pockets enable these racks to be transported throughout the work site with ease. Spill pallet extension options round out the DENIOS portfolio for this category of hazardous substance racking.

Small container shelving

For small receptacles, containers and dispensers that need to be available throughout the working day, the best hazardous substance racking solution is small container shelving. These small-scale shelves are fitted with spill trays and – depending on the variant – multiple shelves to accommodate numerous canisters and containers. In addi-tion to simply enhancing efficiency by having everything is in one place, this improves workplace safety and prevents damage to infrastructure caused by leaks and spills.

Hazardous material pallet racks

Designed specifically for the storage of water-polluting substances and flammable liq-uids (depending on the rating), pallet racks from DENIOS are fitted with galvanised steel or plastic spill pallets and sufficient shelving to hold up to three levels of drums or containers filled with hazardous substances in different volumes. The shelves are ad-justable to allow more flexibility for vertical storage in warehouse environments.

Containment shelving

Containment shelving consists of spill trays for chemicals, steel racking and industrial storage racks for storing hazardous substances. It is important to select a spill tray that offers sufficient volume to catch leaks and spills – whether in the event of an ac-cident or simply after use. DENIOS has standalone spill trays as well as variants that can be installed underneath drum storage racks and other container racks for ease of access and cleaning after use.

Storage of hazardous substances: the bottom line

From galvanised steel storage racks to plastic spill trays and combination racks for drums and intermediate bulk containers, DENIOS is a one-stop shop for secure solu-tions for storing hazardous substances. Introduce a standardised storage concept into the workplace, save space by capitalising on vertical storage and create an environ-ment where workers can fulfil their responsibilities and handle hazardous liquids, semi-solids and other materials in the knowledge that they are acting in full compliance with EU and local regulations – with a helping hand from DENIOS.

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