Spill and Flood Management

Acting after a spill

The first move after a spill is to contain the contaminant, stopping it from spreading to other parts of the premises or via drains into the environment. In doing this, you will not only protect your own workforce but also fulfil your responsibilities to the wider population and the environment. With the spill contained, it can then be cleaned completely and the substance disposed of in the appropriate manner. DENIOS UK stocks a wide range of spill protection equipment to enable you to achieve this.

Sealing an area

One action which may be necessary is to contain a spill in one room or area. Using a flood barrier to seal a doorway or provide a barrier can prevent a spill from spreading. Options include an aluminium barrier which can be placed across a doorway. To contain a larger spill, including one on a road, a chemical proof flexible seal will prevent the spill from spreading. Oil spills on water can have a devastating effect on plant and animal life, and a special seal like a DENSORB oil barrier is the most effective way to contain it.

Sealing drains

Liquids draining away are a common way of contaminating the wider environment and effective drain seals are the best way to prevent this from occurring. DENIOS UK has a wide range of drain seals made from different materials such as the neoprene mat, a flexible seal for non-metal drains. If the cover may need to be driven over, a stronger material is likely to be required such as a steel drain cover. Not every spill is a large one, and in many cases, sealant plugs can be used to seal a pipe or drain and prevent hazardous materials from entering the environment.

Protection and prevention

If spillage is expected, there are a number of leakage management measures which can be taken to prevent a spill occurring in a way which leads it to damage a floor or contaminate the environment. A protective spray sleeve can be used at flanged pipe connections to prevent leakage, while drums and other containers can be placed onto a leakage sump to collect any leaks before they spread.

Our service

If you have any questions about the most effective spill management products for your workplace, DENIOS UK is pleased to offer expert advice on work safety and environmental protection. Subject to terms and conditions your order will be delivered for free, and you can take advantage of the 30-day returns programme to ensure you are completely satisfied with your order. Our products come with an up to four years of warranty, so you can shop with us in complete confidence.

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