Eye Wash Bottles

Protecting eyes and the body is especially important when handling hazardous materials. Should an accident occur despite all other safety precautions, eye/face wash stations and emergency combination showers are a necessity. All DENIOS eyewash and deluge shower equipment comply with the latest EN 15154 regulation.​ 

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Eye Wash Bottles

Working with chemicals can be a hazardous occupation with a risk of serious injury if there is contamination of the skin or the eyes. The injuries can be particularly devastating if they occur to the eye area, with the possibility of vision impairment or even complete loss of sight. Prevention of such accidents with the use of safety goggles and face shields is an essential part of an effective health and safety strategy, however, it is impossible to eliminate the risk completely. If an accident does occur, prompt treatment is needed to prevent a serious or permanent injury.

Physical injury caused by contact with chemicals, particularly if they are corrosive in nature, can occur very quickly. Having treatment in the first ten to 15 seconds can make all the difference. Eye wash bottles provide on-the-spot treatment, flushing out the eye to remove the hazardous chemicals before they can cause serious damage. The ergonomic design of the eye wash bottles in the range at DENIOS UK ensures that they provide an easy-to-use, effective method of cleansing the eye.


What types of eyewash bottles are there?

DENIOS supplies a variety of eye wash solutions in the eye wash bottles. The Eye Rinse Bottle with 200ml 0.9% contains a saline eye wash. This saline solution equates to the natural salinity of the eye, which makes it well tolerated and ideal to use in most circumstances. If the eye has come into contact with acid, it is necessary to neutralise the acid. In those circumstances, an Eye Wash "pH neutral" can be used to neutralise both acids and alkalis. To cover all eventualities, it is best to have both solutions available with a system, such as this Enclosed Eye Wash Station, that contains a bottle of each.

Where to keep eye wash bottles

Because of the need for prompt treatment, it is necessary to have eye wash bottles close to where the chemicals are stored and used. Have the eye wash solution easily available by keeping it mounted on wall brackets. However, it may not be practical to have wall-mounted eye wash bottles in every room. For such circumstances, DENIOS UK supplies portable eye wash bottles in various sizes with saline or pH neutral eye solutions, which can be easily moved to wherever the affected individual is located.

Eye wash bottle safety

As a well-established environmental protection and work safety equipment company, you can shop with confidence at DENIOS UK. All of the eye wash bottles that we supply comply with the latest EN 15154 regulation.

Make sure that the eye wash bottles are checked regularly. They have a long shelf life but will eventually go out of date and need replacing. If the bottles are used, make sure that they are replaced immediately so that they are ready for any future incidents.

It is important that in the event of chemical exposure, the eye is thoroughly flushed out. That process may require more than one bottle of eye wash solution, or use the eye wash bottles in conjunction with Eye Wash Stations connected to a water supply to provide a comprehensive wash.

Easy access to the eye wash bottles is also essential. Any obstacles that delay reaching the eye wash bottle result in valuable time lost, which may make the accident a more serious one. Everyone on the premises needs to know where to find the eye wash bottle, so make sure that it is easily visible, with clear labels if necessary. Not everyone is first aid trained, and although the eye wash bottles stocked by DENIOS UK are easy to use, we also supply a Wall Fastening with Eye Wash Bottle with pictograms to show how it should be used, plus an integrated mirror.