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Drum trolleys and drum dollies

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Choose the ideal drum trolley or dolly from our large product range available to suit your individual needs. Oil drum trolleys are available with either pneumatic or solid tyres which are also available for transporting gas bottles and cylinders. Our product range also includes a wide range of drum and container trolleys and tipper trolleys.

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Drum Trolley PE 200 S
£323.00 Excl. VAT

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Advantages of Drum Trolleys & Drum Dollies

Moving industrial barrels and drums can be hard on employees and potentially hazardous. The right drum trolley can increase your efficiency, provide significantly better work safety, and forestall damage to barrels or spilled contents.

The use of a barrel trolley can also help when it comes to meeting work safety regulations, reducing injury claims, meeting environmental protection and industrial certification standards, and managing insurance rates. We offer barrel trolleys that are resistant to corrosion, collect spills and seepage, and protect against explosions to guard against the liabilities inherent in high-risk products and scenarios.

DENIOS UK carries a wide variety of drum handling trolleys for transporting industrial barrels laterally onsite. Also see our Drum Lifting Equipment category for drum handling machines that are capable of safely and ergonomically raising barrels.


A good drum truck or dolly adds safety, speed, and convenience to moving barrels around your site of work. They come in a wide variety of formats that are suitable to different barrel types, dimensions, weights, contents, use cases, and work safety requirements.

Many options are available to meet the particular needs of your business, such as steel or durable, non-corrosive plastic construction; solid or pneumatic wheels; and various angles for vertical, tilted, or horizontal transport and storage. We also offer explosion-protection versions of our drum dolly range for your work safety.

Top-attachment units like the Drum Dolly for Steel Drums with Lids make it easier to get a grip on unwieldy barrels, while simple wheeled ring drum dollies like the Steel Drum Dolly for 205 Litre Drums are great for easily moving drums short distances while avoiding employee strain or repetitive stress injuries.

Ergonomic drum truck tippers like the Drum Tip Cart with Handle, Made from Steel, for 1 x 205 ltr Drum, With Drum Roller Supports and Sump allow a single employee to transport barrels over moderate distances or easily move them from a vertical to a horizontal storage format.

While many drum dollies are constructed using durable, industrial steel, a plastic barrel truck can be a good alternative if corrosion, leakage, seeping, or spills are a concern. Barrel trolleys like the Drum Trolley PE 200 S facilitate safe storage, are easy to clean, and make it easy to relocate and adjust the placement of plastic or steel barrels whenever needed.

When it comes to choosing a drum trolley, you need to take into account the type, dimensions, and capacity of barrels; their storage requirements; the type, frequency, and range of movement, and any special requirements related to potential corrosiveness or leakage. Our classic barrel transport solutions offer sturdy, safe equipment to help you move and store your industrial drums, while our more innovative products feature helpful ergonomic and functional designs that make moving and storing barrels safer and easier.


DENIOS UK supplies safe, convenient barrel trolleys for use in all industrial, manufacturing, and retail environments. Whether you’re storing and moving chemical or commercial products, our drum trucks can help you safely and easily move the barrels. Heavy-duty plastic, steel, and rubber components are safe around oil and gas as well as food-grade products.

Health and safety

One of the common health and safety claims in an industrial workplace is related to accidents and injuries caused by handling heavy, awkward objects. Our wide range of barrel trolleys allows you to find the right format for your needs and to support ergonomic, safe handling of heavy, potentially dangerous drums.

Environmental protection

Barrel damage, spills, and leakage can be a critical hazard if you store or transport toxic, corrosive, or flammable materials. In a worst-case scenario, hazardous materials are at risk of exploding, igniting, or otherwise damaging their surroundings.

Using the right drum truck can help employees safely move and store barrels to avoid accidents and spills. Consider one of our rubber dollies with a solid, raised base to avoid toxic material escape if seeping or leakage is a concern. We also offer explosion-protection variants of our range for high-risk use cases.

Our service

Our expert team is always standing by to help you understand your options and make the best choice of product for your workplace. Get in touch with our engineers and product specialists to determine your specific needs and discover which products could make your business safer and more efficient.

Our drum trolleys come with a 30 days return policy and up to four years of warranty coverage, subject to terms and condition. Free delivery is also available on drum dolly orders. Our priority is that your order will meet your needs and make your work environment more convenient, more efficient, and safer for the long run.

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