Universal Absorbents

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Universal Absorbents

In any facility where commercial or industrial equipment is used, fluid spills are almost inevitable. Companies can always take precautions to reduce spills, but unfortunately there is no way of eliminating them altogether. That is where our universal absorbents come in. Not only do these rolls quickly mop up everyday spills, they can also be used to manage more complex leaks including chemical and petroleum spills.

While some of these products are designed for occasional clean ups, others can be left in place around pipes and machinery or on top of drums to boost environmental safety. These include absorbent socks, rolls, pads and drum covers. Their grey colour even helps conceal stains, allowing them to stay in position longer. We also offer various spill kits which contain and transport a range of universal absorbents, along with granules that help workers remedy small fluid leaks quickly.

What range of universal absorbents do DENIOS UK offer?

Absorbent rolls

Capable of mopping up solvents, water, oils and coolants, our absorbent rolls play a key role in environmental protection. They can be placed in large areas or under machinery where the floor needs to be kept free of spills. These rolls come in a range of widths to suit the space you need to fill. Go for a camouflage design to blend in with your workshop, or select a Runner Roll for any narrow areas. For more demanding jobs, lay down our Densorb Absorbent Mat With PE Coating on pathways with heavy foot traffic and forklift activity.

Socks and cushions

Absorbent socks come in packs of 4, 10, 12 or 20 and can be purchased in an appropriate size for the jobs you have in mind. These have been developed to fit securely around pipework and machinery, but can also be placed inside trays or around a spill to stop it from spreading. Containment booms are shaped similarly to socks, but tend to be larger. These can be deployed quickly to ensure your workers avoid slipping on a wet surface.

Absorbent cushions are often used in conjunction with socks to mop up leaks in difficult to reach spots. These are flexible and designed to manage high levels of various fluids including water, oil, solvents, and non-aggressive acids. Useful in situations where a long-term solution is required or when a quick repair is taking place, our absorbent cushions will not drip.


Created to provide wall-to-wall protection against oil leaks, chemical spills and puddles of water, our absorbent mats come in sheets, on a roll, or as part of a Densorb Starter Kit. An embossed surface makes them especially long-lasting and their convenient perforations allow them to be ripped off as needed. Polypropylene fibres make them strong and highly resistant to tearing. Use smaller quantities for cleaning and maintenance at work stations, garages and machine shops.

Granules and drum tops

Absorbent granules are a quick solution for spreading liquids. These can be applied over spills of various substances, including oil and water, to prevent them from reaching drains or walkways. We offer several types of granules for various industrial fluids and a Grit Caddy to transport them.

In facilities where large amounts of fluids are stored, our Densorb Absorbent Drum Toppers can be employed to keep drum lids clean. Pre-cut with a pump-hole, they come in a pack of 25 and will fit a 205-litre drum.

Emergency spill kits

A spill kit is an important part of any company’s health and safety provisions. Unless you opt for a mobile spill kit, the best place to keep one is anywhere hazardous liquids are used. In oil storage facilities, on farms and in factories, spillages must be cleaned away and contained as quickly as possible. We have a range of equipment to help you accomplish this. Our emergency spill kits include containers, spill trolleys and transport boxes.

Our Densorb Emergency Spill Kit in Safety Box SF400 is suitable for universal applications. It contains a disposal bag for materials which have been used in a clean-up, and gloves to protect a worker’s hands. This weatherproof unit can be kept indoors or outdoors at your discretion and can be secured with a padlock.

Practical guide to absorbents


Practical guide to absorbents

Would you like to learn more about the use of absorbents? Need help choosing the right product? Or you would like to know how you should behave properly in the leakage situation?

Our absorbent guide provides you with all important information! Learn everything you need to know about the use of absorbents - from practical tips for daily use to measures for the leakage.

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