Anti-static Mats

Anti-static matting​ protects the employee and sensitive equipment from static charge. With enhanced comfort and safety, the matting has a deckplate surface to ensure high slip resistance and ease of turining. The resistance to electro static charge is tested to ISO6356 and EN1815.

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Anti-Static Mats - DENIOS UK

With a full line of workplace matting and safety flooring and other work safety equipment, DENIOS UK offers an excellent selection of anti-static mats.

Anti-static matting protects both the employee and sensitive equipment from static electricity. For enhanced comfort and safety, our anti-static matting has a stud-plate surface to ensure high slip resistance and ease of turning.

Anti-static mats in the workplace

Almost every business, regardless of size, uses some type of machinery or computer equipment. When using electrical equipment, static electricity can build. This build-up not only can cause mechanical failures and computer malfunctions, but it can also sometimes present a major safety risk to nearby employees.

All types of materials emit electrostatic discharge (ESD). ESD is the quick transfer of static electricity between two things that have a different electrical potential. Lightning is an example of ESD occurring on a major scale, while a small-scale ESD occurs when rubbing your feet on a carpet and feeling a slight shock when you touch a metal object such as a doorknob. Electronic equipment is especially susceptible to damage from static electricity.

Dangers of excess static electricity

Static electricity has become a greater problem as our high-tech culture has led to the use of more electronic equipment in the workplace. Static electricity can severely damage or destroy sensitive electronic components, cause manufacturing equipment to malfunction or fail, or cause a spark that can result in a fire in flammable workplace settings.

While most companies back up their files on external devices, you can never be certain that static electricity won’t cause problems between backup sessions. It’s prudent to use anti-static mats to eliminate excess static and keep the probability of computer malfunctions and data loss (and the cost of replacing lost data) to a minimum.

PVC anti-static mats

DENIOS UK offers a broad range of PVC anti-static mats. The mats have a hard, laminated surface combined with an insulating foam vinyl layer. The stud-plate surface ensures good slip resistance and ease of turning. The PVC anti-static mats have four sloping edges to prevent tripping and are suitable for medium-duty use in dry areas. The mat comes with a 10m earthing cable that easily attaches to the mat with a simple press stud. An earthing plug is sold separately.

Rubber anti-static mats

DENIOS UK supplies a range of rubber anti-static mats. They feature a dimpled surface for safe standing and fatigue prevention along with sloping edges on all four sides to prevent tripping. These mats are suitable for medium-duty use in dry areas.