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Ergonomic and functional office equipment ensures healthy and efficient work. That's why at DENIOS UK you'll find a lot of what you need for optimal office furnishing: Our range of office equipment and supplies extends from desks and office chairs to office cabinets and is constantly being expanded. So check back regularly and discover our latest office equipment!

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Office equipment from DENIOS UK

What should not be missing in a productive office?

  • The right desk; ideally height adjustable so that work can also be done from a standing position.

  • A comfortable and back-friendly office chair that facilitates work at the desk and fully supports the back.

  • Enough cupboards to provide sufficient storage space for your work materials to keep them tidy and thus ensure a stress-reduced environment.

  • The right lighting conditions to be able to work in a concentrated manner and to increase well-being.

Why is the right office equipment so important?

Through a fully equipped office, order can be kept easily and permanently. Various health problems can be avoided. Work can be more concentrated and efficient, which in turn increases productivity. A uniform style in the office can convey a sense of belonging, which motivates your employees. Find out more in our guide to ergonomics, health and safety.

What should be considered for office equipment?

  • Your office furniture must have enough space in the office rooms. In smaller rooms, double-door cabinets should be avoided; in this case, office shelving, tambour cabinets or drawer cabinets are suitable

  • Keep your workplace free of distractions by avoiding clutter on your desk.

  • Ceiling lights should ideally emit a white light.

  • Rubbish bins should be provided to contain any mess that arises.

What is the ideal office design?

Ideally, place desks parallel to a window. Natural daylight has a health-promoting effect and promotes concentration. If this is not possible, use lamps with white light. White light is closer to natural daylight than warm yellow light and is therefore particularly pleasant. Yellow light, on the other hand, can often cause fatigue.

To avoid being distracted by employees' telephone conversations, acoustic room dividers or movable walls are recommended. To reduce the noise level, open-plan offices in particular should be equipped with carpeting and ceiling canopies.

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