Protective Gloves

Under these circumstances, injuries to the hands can be common. Under health and safety legislation, employers are required to take steps to prevent accidental injury. Protective gloves are one of the best ways to improve work safety for your employees.

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The uses of protective gloves

Protective gloves should be well fitting, protecting the entire hand while still leaving the fingers comfortable and able to complete their work without hindrance. The materials safety gloves are made from will be determined by their purpose. They may be a pair with insulating properties to allow the hands to withstand heat without burns or they may be resistant to piercing, ideal for those in outdoor work. Some may need to place a barrier between the skin and chemical or biomedical waste or to protect the hands from the lacerations caused by machinery. DENIOS UK has a wide range of protective gloves, enabling you to protect the hands of your workforce whatever the place of business or sector.

When to use safety gloves

Safety gloves should be used whenever there is a risk to the fingers or hands, and it is a good idea to always have a good supply handy for both employees and visitors to the site. Displaying prominent warning notices can ensure everyone is aware of the need to don this protective hand gear. Protective gloves should be inspected frequently for wear and tear. Even a small slit in the glove could allow dangerous chemicals to come into contact with the skin or a burn to take place if handling hot materials.

While good quality protective gloves such as the ones stocked by DENIOS UK are highly effective in preventing injuries, it is still necessary to be prepared for accidents. Make sure you have adequate first aid equipment and consider installing emergency showers if chemicals risk coming into contact with the skin. DENIOS UK stocks a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment to ensure all parts of the body are protected in high-risk work environments.

The range at DENIOS UK

The range of protective hand wear at DENIOS UK includes safety gloves in a range of sizes suitable for protecting the hands from oils and chemicals. There are also heat protection gloves as well as ice grip safety gloves ideal for outdoor use or for those handling frozen food stuffs. Natural latex gloves are ideal for those working in the construction or manufacturing industry, protecting the fingers from rough environments, tools and machinery.