Drum Lifters

Drum lifters with a wide chassis and hydraulic pump grip 205 litre steel and plastic drums in various sizes and types by using automatically closing drum clamps. Drum lifters make lifting and transporting drums easier and the adjustable drum clamps pick up drums safely.

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Drum Lifting Equipment

Moving industrial-scale barrels or drums can be a challenge due to their unwieldy dimensions and weight. The presence of hazardous materials such as toxic or flammable industrial chemicals adds additional complexity. Industrial lifting equipment can help by making raising and moving drums easier and safer for employees while also meeting legal and insurance requirements.

In most cases, specific regulatory requirements will apply to the handling of industrial format barrels or drums. Their awkward or unmanageable dimensions and frequently heavy weights make them a health and safety concern. If you store or handle barrels containing substances classified as hazardous materials for toxicity or flammability, environmental safety regulations will also apply.

Use mechanical lifting equipment to avoid employee injuries, improve on-site efficiency, and comply with work safety and environmental regulatory requirements. Drum lifting equipment offers a convenient, safe, and regulation-compliant method of handling industrial drums.


The correct lifting equipment can increase productivity by making it much easier to handle the types of industrial barrels or drums in the situations your business frequently encounters; however, it’s important to identify your needs in order to choose the right equipment.

There are a number of practical considerations when it comes to choosing a drum lift that suits your requirements. Different drum lifts may work better with plastic or steel barrels and are rated for different minimum and maximum volumes and weights. Gripper styles also vary and have different capacities, so you’ll want to know typical drum dimensions, including diameter, before making a choice.

You should also consider how you normally access and transport the barrels. Your business may have very consistent working conditions, making it easier to settle on a single lift, or it may have a wide variety of scenarios in which you would need to use a lift.

Some lifts are designed to work with pallets, while others are better for lifting a barrel directly off the floor. Also take the height and distance you will need to lift drums into account. Some lifts have a high frame and would be better for lifting barrels onto a raised platform without much lateral movement. Others are designed to rotate or to raise a drum only a short distance off the ground so that it can be wheeled to a new location. The lower centre of gravity makes it safer and easier to transport the drum laterally.

The Trolley for Lifting 205 Litre Drums, Manufactured from Powder Coated Steel is a very straightforward mechanical lift for lateral transport, while the Drum Lifter FL 16-SK F, Painted, High Frame, for 205-220 Litre Steel and Plastic Drums supports vertical lifting use cases. More machines for lateral drum transport with minimal vertical lift can found in our Drum Trolleys & Drum Dollies category.

When it comes to powering your drum lifting equipment, you can choose between purely mechanical formats and electric lifts that require a cable or run on battery power. Electric lifting equipment tends to be easier for employees to operate, but there is also increased complexity in the form of access to power outlets or monitoring and recharging batteries. The locations of controls vary; choose between buttons, cranks, levers, or foot-powered controls based on convenience.

Health and safety

Drum lifts offer an ergonomic, safe way to move barrels or drums that would otherwise be likely to strain or cause injury to employees. Reduce back strain, repetitive stress injuries, and wasteful (and potentially hazardous) damage or spillage with the right machine lift.

In general, the use of any mechanical lift would be preferable to having employees manually raise or transport industrial-scale barrels, but for both your employees’ work safety and for regulatory and insurance purposes, it’s important to choose an appropriate machine. Select your drum lift based on the type of drums handled and the distance (laterally and vertically) they need to be transported.

Our service

We offer a 30-day returns policy, free delivery, and up to four years warranty on all our drum lifting machines, subject to terms and conditions. If you have any questions or would like assistance in understanding which drum lifts would be the most effective for your needs and would meet required health and safety, environmental protection, and regulatory requirements, please contact our technical support team. We keep engineers and technicians on hand to help you make the best choice for your business.

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