Steel Spill Trays

Steel spill trays for drums and small containers offer protection for the storage of water hazardous and flammable substances.

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Steel Spill Trays

In industries such as engineering and pharmacology, steel spill trays are used to manage minor leaks and drips from small containers and drums. In the automotive industry, they are commonly used for storing batteries. Steel spill trays look very similar to small spill pallets and can be used with or without a grate. When machine components or working parts need to be put to one side for a while, they can be positioned on a spill containment tray to provide environmental protection to the workstation. Larger spill trays can be used to store up to two drums. These will keep the floor clear of spills if you regularly move, clean or refill drums.

Chemical spill trays can deal with flammable substances and any water-hazardous liquids. They are compliant with Environmental Regulation PPG 26, enabling your business to meet the guidelines on pollution control laid down by the Environmental Protection Agency. Many of the DENIOS UK steel spill trays are fitted with forklift truck pockets, so the pallet can be moved in its entirety as needed.

Chemical spill trays with feet

Our Sump Pallet Basic K is made from galvanised steel and comes with a grid and feet. The feet help to create a stable work surface and stop the pallet from slipping around if it is frequently used. The grid cover is raised so that in the event a can or drum does begin to leak, any fluid will be pooled below. This way, the contents will not contaminate the container. This is an important health and safety feature, ensuring your staff have minimal contact with hazardous chemicals.

Small steel spill trays

Along with our larger trays for heavy-duty storage, we offer smaller versions that can be purchased in bulk so you always have one on hand. Position them on a wooden pallet, a shelf or a countertop to control any leaks arising from components. Our steel spill trays come in a range of capacities to match your workspace and desired purpose.

These spill trays are especially popular in medical and research facilities, as well as industrial sites and mechanical workshops. Use them to clean or restore small parts without drips or trickles of oil escaping. The DENIOS UK Spill Tray KBS 40 has a 40-litre capacity and can cope with any water-polluting or flammable liquids. For protection against corrosion, it is fully galvanised and made from welded steel. This ensures a long life and safe use of the product.

Chemical spill tray trolley

DENIOS UK has put together a selection of trolleys to facilitate the safe and easy movement of drums and other containers. Our Bunded Steel Drum Trolley can be used for a range of flammable and water-polluting chemicals, or as an oil spill tray. This trolley features a removable grid for cleaning and a handle for manual movement within a site.

Spill containment tray for small containers

An enormous asset to any workshop where organisation of small parts or materials is important, our spill trays for small containers are finished in painted steel. Despite their size, these are extremely sturdy products that can safely store flammables and water-polluting chemicals. Designed with polyethylene (PE) feet to protect against corrosion and prevent contact with the floor, they can also be stacked away when not in use.

If you are looking to maintain a tidy workstation and have a range of small items and containers, you could also consider our Spill Tray For Small Containers Vario 30, which comes with a grid shelf. The grid is made from non-corrosive polyethylene (PE), while the tray itself comes in blue painted steel. The grid prevents any liquids that may seep out of parts, batteries or bottles from contaminating the contents. Grids can be removed for cleaning and this product can be stacked for storage, making it a convenient choice for smaller sites.

Our service

When your company needs to store and handle drums, following the policies laid down by the Environment Agency is essential. You can ensure your facility is compliant by providing chemical spill trays to mop up leaks of hazardous liquids immediately, before they enter the environment or harm personnel. With over thirty years of experience in the health and safety business, DENIOS UK can provide support to help you get started. We offer a 30-day return policy, free delivery and up to a four year free warranty. Just take a look through our terms and conditions for details and contact us with any questions you may have.