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Tanks and Containers Products

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The right container for every application

The transport and storage of hazardous substances of all kinds is one of DENIOS' core specialties. For many companies, having an independent fuel supply for vehicles is a great advantage.DENIOS offers practical products for dispensing diesel or petrol with our stationary fuel tank systems. With a capacity of up to 10,000 litres, even larger amounts can be stored at your operating site. As environmental protection is also important, DENIOS offers drive-on filling platforms, so that the filling area from the tank to the vehicle is completely secured.

The advantages for you:

  • High flexibility in operational use
  • Mobile or stationary options
  • Use for fuel, chemicals or as disposal tanks

Mobile tank systems in galvanised steel or plastic are often used by companies in the construction and agricultural industries. Easy to load with a forklift or by crane, the tank system can be transported quickly and easily to the place of use on a flatbed truck. This ensures that work can always continue, because the fuel needed is always available on site. At DENIOS you'll find the right tank system for every purpose:

  • Tank systems for petrol, diesel and chemicals
  • Mobile tank systems
  • Stationary tank systems

In addition, DENIOS offers a wide range of collection containers for the subsequent disposal of residual and waste liquids:

  • Waste oil containers
  • Hazardous materials collection containers
  • ASF- and ASP containers

Our range of Tanks and Containers


Standard polyethylene tanks on plastic pallets with a volume of 800 or 1000 litres are approved for the storage and transport of hazardous materials.

To the IBCs

Drums and Barrels

Wide-necked drums are manufactured out of high-quality plastic and are ideally suited for the storage of solids and pastes.

To the Drums and Barrels

Jerry Cans and Canisters

Steel cannisters are suitable for transporting fuel and other flammable products. Stainless steel jerricans are also available.

To the Canisters

Safety Cans

Fine dosing safety cans, safety containers and dispensing containers manufactured either from steel or stainless steel provide safety storage.

To the Safety Cans

Transport Containers for Hazardous Materials

For the transport of hazardous substances on roads or at sea, transport containers for dangerous goods must be particularly safe and resistant.

To the Transport Containers

Small Containers

Small containers from DENIOS are always used when large containers are oversized for the application. Wide-neck bottles, narrow-neck bottles, squirt bottles and dropper bottles are particularly popular.

To the Small Containers

Storage Container and Dosing Container

Food-safe storage and dispensing containers from DENIOS offer a collection volume from 35 to 1000 litres, so for every requirement we have the right solution.

To the Storage and Dosing Container

Chemical Tanks

Choose from a wide range of industrial tanks for the storage of chemicals and fuels.

To the Chemical Tanks

Fuel Tanks

Mobile tank systems can be installed on any loading surface or in the rear of a car. They can be transported quickly by forklift or crane and offer generous storage volumes to allow refueling of vehicles directly at the site of operation.

To the Fuel Tanks

Storage Tanks and Disposal Tanks

DENIOS storage and disposal tanks have been specially developed for the collection and storage of water polluting liquids.

To the Storage and Disposal Tanks

Stationary Filling Stations

At all workplaces, where there is no service station nearby, stationary tank systems for the storage of vehicle and plant fuels are used daily. Refueling platforms complete our offer.

To the Stationary Filling Stations

Laboratory Trays and Drip Trays

Laboratory trays and drip trays catch drip losses when working with small containers and contribute to employee safety.

To the Laboratory and Drip Trays

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