Tanks and Containers

Fuel Tanks & Transport Containers for Hazardous Materials

At DENIOS UK, we offer a broad range of items for storing, refuelling and disposing of hazardous liquids, including fuelling platforms, mobile and fixed tanks and collectors of hazardous materials. The cap cases are UN approved and are quick and safe to close. You can also clearly label the fuel tanks and can optionally seal them.

To safely transport and store hazardous liquids or pollutants, you must have the right equipment that is both efficient and in compliance with applicable regulations and legislation. DENIOS UK has the transport containers that will allow your business to store and move chemicals or fuels safely.

Storage boxes and pallet boxes are the perfect options if you are transporting hazardous substances internally. We also offer a wide range of products to meet your stationary storage needs, including collectors and fuel tanks with or without pumps. DENIOS UK provides available mobile fuel tanks for refuelling equipment at their point of use.

IBC containers and tanks

IBC containers are designed for the legal and safe transport and storage of liquid hazardous substances, such as solvents and chemicals. The containers are manufactured from environmentally friendly polyethene and plastic and sit on wooden pallets. Their volume capacity ranges from 600 to 1,000 litres and can safely store hazardous liquids. We also have available a dangerous goods version that is UN approved and can be safely deployed to transport hazardous liquids by trucks, railroads or boats.

You can use the stainless steel version of the containers for collecting in addition to active or passive storage of hazardous products. It is easy to access the pallets by pallet trucks or forklift trucks, and the container’s sheathing with stable steel tube frames provide maximum protection during transport. The IBC containers are designed to maximise storage space, as you can stack up to four of them on top of each other.

Drums and canisters

DENIOS UK offers a broad range of drums to meet the various requirements of different industries. High-quality plastic is used in manufacturing the wide-necked drums, and they are well-suited for storing both pastes and solids. The wide opening of the plastic, UN approved open top drum ensures that filling is effortless. The drum’s clamping ring protects against contaminating or spilling the contents.

Our plastic open-top drums come in volumes of either 60 or 220 litres. Environmentally friendly polyethene is used to manufacture our L-ring drums. Our safety drums hold a volume of 245 litres and are resistant to alkalis, acids and many abrasive chemicals.

Our UN approved steel drums come in volumes of either 60 or 205 litres. Our steel open-top drums are painted on the outside and untreated on the inside. They are also UN approved for solid materials.

DENIOS UK has a wide range of canisters that are ideal for transporting and dispensing hazardous materials. We offer jerry cans that are suitable for the safe storage and transportation of fuel and other hazardous materials. With its neck positioned behind its optimised rectangular shape, you can effortlessly fill jerry cans with no difficulties. Since jerry cans come equipped with a cam cap and a vent that prevents refoulment, you can use a jerry can with or without a pouring spout. Our jerry cans are available in various sizes and models. Steel jerry cans are approved for transporting fuel and other flammable liquids. You should deploy steel jerry cans for storing and transporting pure products and use plastic jerry cans for storing and transporting corrosive liquids.

Mobile fuel tanks and safety cans

Mobile fuel tanks from DENIOS UK are ideal for transporting fuel on a pick-up truck or a van, as well as supplying fuel onsite. Our mobile fuelling stations designed for diesel-driven equipment are perfect for agriculture, construction and forestry environments. When you use our mobile refuelling stations, you no longer have to worry about wasting time going to a public or corporate fuelling station.

Our safety cans and transport and storage containers are manufactured from either steel or stainless steel and ensure that aggressive or flammable liquids can be safely distributed in prescribed doses.

Our service

All fuel tanks and transport containers sold by DENIOS UK come with up to a four-year warranty, free delivery and a 30-day returns policy, as stipulated in our terms and conditions. Therefore, you can purchase from us with confidence knowing that we have a strong quality assurance system in place. Our customer service is unsurpassed, so you know you can order from us without risk.

If you have any concerns or questions about any of the items we offer or any of our services, please contact a member of our technical support team or one of our engineers. We always have customer service representatives available to ensure you receive local, reliable and responsive support whenever you need it.

Need more information or advice? Call 01952 811 991 to speak to a DENIOS expert.