Chemical Safety Cabinets

Chemical Safety Cabinets

Are you storing chemicals at your workplace? Does your business depend on a variety of chemicals for its regular facility operations? Is your workplace safe from all hazards associated with chemical storage? No matter what your circumstances, DENIOS UK has the perfect storage solution for your organisation.

DENIOS offer a wide range of safety cabinets for a variety of stored media. Our portofilio of chemical storage includes but is not limited to an acid storage cabinet, a paint storage cabinet, a flammable storage cabinet and a dispensing cabinet

Ideal for use in laboratories, stores, warehouses and anywhere where hazardous materials need to be stored safely and securely, a DENIOS safety cabinet provides the highest level of security whilst enabling effective work processes. 

Our chemical safety cabinets are manufactured from the highest quality materials and the variety of equipment and options available with our safety cabinets, such as height adjustable shelves, pull out shelves and lockable hinged doors, ensures a solution is available to meet every requirement. 

When storing flammable liquids a DENIOS flammable storage cabinet is the ideal solution. Available in a variety of widths and sizes with versatile features which include height-adjustable shelves, slide out spill trays and an integrated exhaust air system, our flammable storage cabinets can be tailored to meet individual requirements. 



Why your business needs chemical storage solutions

Dealing with chemicals on an everyday basis requires a high degree of safety measures. Of course, not all chemicals are hazardous, but there is always a potential danger associated with their storage. This can not only affect your workplace but also your employees. The PPG (Pollution Prevention Guidance) advises industries and the public about the legal responsibilities associated with the safe storage of chemicals using a chemicals safety cabinet. As a preventive measure, ensuring safe chemical cabinet storage is a basic requirement for any industry or workshop that works with these materials.

Storing chemicals inside a chemical safety cabinet need not involve making huge changes in the infrastructure of your workshop or manufacturing unit. There are some very workable options available that can safely and very conveniently store the chemicals in your possession. DENIOS UK aims at offering safe and efficient chemical storage cabinets.

What is a safety cabinet?

Chemical storage safety cabinets are typically cabinets that safely store chemicals in any form. While there is a great emphasis on safety, the fact is that chemical spills, even if they involve a passive chemical, can cause serious damage to your floor and entire workshop environment. Even if you have a chemical that is not categorised as potentially hazardous to plants and animals, you still need the safety cabinets offered by DENIOS UK to prevent any property damage.

From the look of it, a chemical safety cabinet seems like any cabinet that you can use for storage. The one essential difference, however, is that this type of cabinet features materials that are resistant to the chemicals stored within it. This ensures that even if there is an accidental spill or leakage, the chemicals cabinet can prevent chemical loss and thereby prevent any health, environment or property damage.

What are the benefits of using these specialised safety cabinets?

As the name suggests, chemical storage cabinets hold any and every type of chemical in all forms. Our safety cabinets are ideal for manufacturing sites, garages, workshops, industrial sites, construction sites and any other place where hazardous chemicals are present.

There are chemicals cabinets available in varying sizes and made from different materials to suit all kinds of chemicals. While chemicals usually come in their own containers, these are not meant for long-term storage. Also, most industrial accidents happen due to the improper storage of chemicals, and this mostly occurs when they remain in their regular containers.

Another important reason for using specialised chemical storage cabinets is to prevent their theft. Chemicals are often expensive, so preventing unauthorised access to them can be practical when you have secure safety cabinets. The chemical storage cabinets offered by DENIOS UK not only safeguard the environment from potential hazards associated with the improper handling of chemicals but also protect them from improper access.

Where can you use these chemical storage solutions?

Safety cabinets used for storing chemicals, both in liquid and powdered form, come in a variety of sizes, as mentioned above. DENIOS UK’s extensive range of chemical storage cabinets offer a compliant solution for the safe containment as well as segregation of potentially hazardous chemicals.

These cabinets are available for stand-alone storage, and they come in the form of tall cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets and base cabinets that are ideal for storage outdoors as well as inside your workshop premises. Consider DENIOS UK products such as the Fire Resistant Safety Cabinet G-1201, the Fire Resistant Safety Cabinet G-601 and the Fire Resistant Safety Cabinet GF 1201.4.

There is a wide range of safety cabinets available to meet your various space requirements. Based on the chemical that you intend to store and the area where you would like to install the storage solution, you can choose from the wide range of options that DENIOS UK offers.

Why buy from DENIOS?

With processes such as chemical storage, the risks associated are high, so being cautious is extremely important. It is only practical to associate with tested and approved products for adhering to Government regulations. The chemical storage solutions offered by DENIOS UK are reputable and quality-approved.

Being an industry leader in hazmat storage solutions hasn’t come easy, and to keep this privileged position, our company exercises superior quality control. This further ensures that your workshop and the environment are both safe and secure.