Dispensing Stations

We offer painted and galvanised steel drum dispensing stations if you are storing and using inflammable chemicals and liquids. You can also opt for polyethylene if your organisation handles and stores corrosive liquids and chemicals. Our range of dispensing stations offers models to suit every hazardous storage and dispensing requirement. 

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Drum Dispensing Station

How is a dispensing station used?

The process of working a dispensing station depends on the type of hazardous liquid or chemical that you use in your organisation. However, the standard mode of operation stays the same for all dispensing stations.

Typically, you must place the drums onto the dispensing station using a forklift. The opening of the drum features an installed nozzle with a valve. This nozzle allows you to measure the liquid or chemical in the drum and use it for your industrial or manufacturing processes.

You can also install pipes and tubes along with valves to regulate the flow of a chemical or liquid and ensure that the hazardous material does not have exposure to air.

The sump pallet at the base of the dispensing station collects drips and spills should they occur. You need to dispose of these spills in a safe manner so that they do not harm people or the environment in the process. Your organisation will have to follow the prescribed method of disposing the waste so that you follow the relevant laws and regulations.

Where can you use a dispensing station?

There are wide applications of dispensing equipment. You can use it in workshops, car garages, manufacturing units, foodstuff production facilities, petrol stations and any other area where you store hazardous chemicals and liquids.

The whole idea of using a dispensing station is to offer a safe working environment and ensure that water, soil and air do not become polluted or contaminated.

Benefits of using dispensing stations

Drum dispensing units and stations such as the Hazardous Material Station 2 P2-H, the Dispensing Station AS-C and the Dispensing Station AS-B have many benefits. Not only do they prevent harm to the environment, but they also promote smooth workflow. Here are some more advantages of using dispensing stations:

Green dispensing solution: These dispensing units prevent waste, and you can reuse the drums if you fill them with the same chemical or liquid using the right precautionary measures. When you reuse the drums via the dispensing rack, your organisation will get fewer deliveries. This helps save fuel, minimises an adverse impact on the environment and allows your organisation to reduce its carbon footprint.

Workplace safety: Dispensing stations create a safer workplace. If your company uses hazardous materials, then this can have an impact on the health and wellbeing of your workers. By ensuring that you contain spills and use the right tubes, pipes and fittings, you can eliminate direct contact and exposure to chemicals.

Accurate measurements: With a dispensing station, you can ensure that you use exact amounts of chemicals in manufacturing or cleaning processes. This minimises waste and maintains product quality. You will not have to worry about using too much or too little of a chemical.

Cost-effective: In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses are constantly looking to cut costs. Dispensing equipment allows them to enjoy cost savings by ensuring that wastage and spills stay at a minimum. This allows you to use chemicals more effectively in the manufacturing process.

Better organisation: DENIOS UK dispensing stations let you maintain a more organised work floor by segregating hazardous chemicals from other liquids used in manufacturing or cleaning processes. With a dedicated place for drums, your work floor will look neater and more organised.

DENIOS UK ensures that you get a dispensing system that suits your business requirements. We offer systems made from galvanised steel or polyethylene. These systems are durable, resilient and give your organisation a safe workplace for employees that follows the necessary regulations and laws. We make it a point to offer you hazard material storage and dispensing products that are perfect for your business. DENIOS UK dispensing systems are cost-effective and offer efficient, accurate and effective storage and dispensing solutions.


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