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Welding Protection

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Protection in operation and workplace around welding and soldering. Splash-proof covers have proven their worth against sparks, welding splashes and pearls. Flame retardant mats for convenient and safe welding.

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Welding Protection

Safety when welding

In order not to endanger the welder and surrounding work areas during welding, we offer you high-quality welding curtains, splash protection blankets and welding mats.

Splash protection blankets and welding curtains from the DENIOS range prevent damage caused by flying sparks, welding beads or liquid slag and ensure safe splash protection up to 1300 °C. As an underlay for soldering or welding work, flame protection mats prevent the flow of heat due to their special layer structure. Flame protection mats are available in two different versions, each optimised for welding or soldering work.

Which welding protection do I need?

During a welding process, very high temperatures are generated, which are associated with many dangers for the welder. But not only the temperatures are critical - the brightness of the welding arc can cause damage to the retina. The resulting UV radiation is a danger to the eyes as well as to the skin, which can burn after just a few seconds. In addition, there is danger from vapours that can have a toxic effect and create an explosive atmosphere.

To counteract all these dangers, suitable protective equipment must be chosen. The most important aspect is eye protection. Protective goggles, welding helmets or welding masks help to reliably ward off glare and flying sparks.

Clothing must be fireproof to withstand high heat and UV radiation. It should completely cover the body, including the legs, and fit seamlessly with the welding helmet. Welding gloves, which also meet all requirements, must be worn to protect the hands. Welding shoes are also recommended and provide additional protection against sharp objects on the floor.

What precautions must be taken when welding?

In addition to personal protective equipment, other precautions must be taken to avoid endangering other people.

Welding curtains protect bystanders from flying sparks and heat and mark a clear work area. The workplace should be adequately ventilated to counteract the generation of toxic fumes. In addition, proper ventilation reduces the risk of an explosive atmosphere developing.

Even if a smoke detector should be present in workplaces, it can quickly trigger an unwanted fire alarm during welding and cause high costs. Therefore, before welding, it should be checked whether the smoke detector can be turned off or whether the situation needs to be discussed with the fire brigade.

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