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bio.x - Solvent-free parts cleaning harnessing biological action.

Solvent-based cold cleaners are often used for cleaning workpieces, machine parts or small parts. However, these pose considerable risks. Through evaporation or splashing, they enter the environment and are absorbed through the skin or respiratory tract. In addition, there is a risk of fire and explosion.

With the bio.x cleaning system developed by DENIOS, you can do away harmful solvents and still get the best cleaning results. bio.x includes bio.x parts cleaner and bio.x cleaning agents for solvent-free parts cleaning. They perform with a gentle, yet highly effective, cleaning system.

bio.x Cleaners. The solvent-free cleaning agents harnessing biological action.

Thanks to powerful surfactants and a high concentration of resistant natural microorganisms, the solvent-free bio.x cleaners achieve high grease dissolving power, reliability and long service life when cleaning small parts. The gentle bio.x cleaners are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, dermatologically tested and very skin-friendly.


Oils and fats are biodegraded. bio.x is absolutely free of harmful solvents, EDTA and toxins.


No risks to the health of the user. No risk of explosion or fire. Very good skin tolerance.


bio.x is universally applicable with highly effective cleaning power due to selected and proven surfactants.


Continuous self-cleaning enables long service lives with consistently high effectiveness.

bio.x gives better user protection and improved solvent balance.

bio.x completely eliminates the use of harmful solvents and thus helps you to protect the health of your employees and improve your solvent balance. By reducing the use of solvents in your cleaning process you reduce your health and safety risks.

The HSE guidance advises "The inherent hazards of the chemicals used should be linked by the assessment to risks from an employer’s particular operations. The assessment should determine the appropriate precautions." For full details please refer to the HSE guidance

bio.x Cleaning agents

bio.x cleaners are specially developed universal solvent-free cleaning agents on a biological basis. The bio.x cleaners for parts washers are perfectly matched to the bio.x devices and the workpieces to be cleaned. The biological bio.x cleaners are suitable for

  • all common metals (including aluminum and brass)

  • plastics and

  • painted and galvanized surfaces.

They remove oils, light greases, cooling lubricants, corrosion protection agents, particle dirt and many other contaminants. Application examples are the cleaning of components during maintenance of production plants, the cleaning of equipment and tools in repair and maintenance or also the cleaning of dimensioned parts in production.

bio.x Cleaner (ready for use)

The bio.x cleaner was developed for all typical work in industry, workshop and maintenance. The working temperature is 41 °C, it is compatible with oil separators and has a long service life. The remaining cleaner film temporarily protects against flash rust formation and can be rinsed off without residue.

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bio.x Cleaner Concentrate

The bio.x cleaner developed for the bio.x parts washers as a concentrate is an effective degreaser and is ideal for individual dosing. The recommended mixing ratio is 1:4 and the working temperature is 41 °C. The 5-litre canisters can be stored to save space.

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bio.x Cleaner Ultra (ready for use)

The highly effective formula of bio.x Cleaner Ultra is even stronger and removes the strongest contaminants such as heavy oils, greases or anti-corrosion waxes in the shortest possible time. It has high dirt dissolving power and highly effective grease dissolving capacity, even with gummy grease.

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bio.x Power Up

The Power Up cleaning booster improves the cleaning effect of the bio.x cleaner. To clean particularly heavily soiled components, it is added to the cleaning bath as required. It is suitable for all bio.x cleaners. The 5-litre canister is sufficient for one bath filling.

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bio.x Protect

bio.x Protect, the mildly alkaline corrosion inhibitor, was developed for gray cast iron, iron and steel that are susceptible to corrosion. It can be added to the cleaning bath when higher temporary corrosion protection is required. 1 litre is sufficient for 100 litres of bio.x cleaning agent.

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bio.x Parts Cleaner

Discover the new bio.x parts cleaners for solvent-free parts cleaning - quality and design, Made in Germany! The user-friendly parts washers heat the cleaning bath to a pleasant 41°C and ensure efficient parts cleaning by brushing, spraying or soaking.

We have improved the bio.x parts cleaners for you:

  • The new compact technology unit makes the bio.x parts cleaners particularly low-maintenance - repairs are easier than ever!

  • The control system and innovative sediment monitoring ensure reliability and the best cleaning results.

  • Even higher energy efficiency thanks to improved thermal insulation, evaporation protection and integrated energy-saving mode when not in use.

The New Size

Parts Cleaner bio.x A25

The new bio.x A25 bench-top unit is the smallest and most mobile unit. Thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight, it can be used flexibly wherever space is at a premium. The bio.x A25 is suitable for cleaning small parts, tools and gears. It is extremely economical and offers all important basic functions for manual brush cleaning.

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The Mobile

Parts Cleaner bio.x B60

The new compact bio.x B60 is ideal for tight spaces and offers maximum mobility. Thanks to integrated castors that can be easily mounted, it is easy to move and use in different locations. The plug-in lid provides even more flexibility. The bio.x B60 offers a bath capacity of 60 litres and is particularly economical.

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The Versatile.

Parts Cleaner bio.x C100

The classic in a new design: The bio.x C100 has high stability and a load capacity of up to 250 kg. The spacious work surface enables barrier-free and comfortable working. The plug-in lid can be easily removed, for example, if parts hanging from the crane need to be cleaned. It can be moved underneath with a lift truck.

Show Parts Cleaner bio.x C100
The extra large one.

Parts Cleaner bio.x C100 XL

Thanks to the enlarged work surface, the bio.x C100 XL is perfect for for very large and bulky parts. Two people can work on the unit at the same time. The barrier-free work surface guarantees maximum comfort and good accessibility from all sides. The bio.x C100 XL has a particularly stable design and can be driven under with a lift truck.

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