Steel Spill Pallets

DENIOS steel spill pallets for drums and IBCs offer a safe and secure storage solution for substances hazardous to water and comply to Environmental Guideline PPG 26. Hazardous substances are used in most production processes so need to be stored conveniently and most importantly safely.

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Steel Spill Pallets

Perhaps your facility is already using a range of spill kits to manage individual issues. A steel spill pallet is designed to take things one step further by containing leaks before they affect operations. Bunds with a sump capacity act as a backup system for other health and safety procedures. In other words, if one of your drums leaks, it will be contained immediately. Using a steel bunded pallet will help your company comply with the pollution prevention regulations established by the Environment Agency in their Environmental Guideline PPG 26.

Sump pallets are important because they keep drums in a secure position off the ground. Some are fitted with forklift truck pockets to allow you to move them around the site as needed. They can be used to store barrels or intermediate bulk containers, containing not just oil, but also fuel, fine chemicals and adhesives. In the pharmaceutical, engineering and automotive industries, hazardous materials such as these are often used and stored in bulk, but you can minimise the risk of them reaching a water source with the right steel spill pallet.

Steel bunded pallets at DENIOS UK

We offer these products in assorted sump capacities for various applications, including those developed for use with single or multiple barrels. Choose between painted and galvanised versions, portable pallets on wheels and pallets with storage grids.

Basic steel sumps

These steel bunds are ideal for storing liquids which are not compatible with polyethylene in drums, or when you plan on keeping the drums next to a heat source. Made of welded steel, our Sump Pallet Basic E will provide years of solid service and can withstand the wear and tear that occurs when drums are put in place or removed. The seals are factory-tested to comply with standard EN ISO 3452-1. You can even purchase accessories for your steel sumps, like covers to provide weather protection and prevent cross-contamination.

Bunded steel trolleys

It’s often the case that drums have to be moved around a facility to meet production requirements. To aid your operations team in this task, you can purchase our Bunded Steel Drum Trolley. Built to handle one single drum, this steel chemical bund is fitted with four castors and a handle for manual manoeuvring. A mesh top makes cleaning and drying after use a simpler task, and its securing strap offers added stability. Our steel bund trolleys are tested for leaks in accordance with the EN ISO 3452-1 standard and come with a factory certificate.

Intermediate bulk container steel spill pallets

IBCs were initially conceived for the transport of chemicals in liquid form, but they are now widely used for long-term storage. When kept on-site, a standard sump is rarely sufficient to meet containment regulations, so you’ll likely need to keep them on an IBC pallet. Our IBC Sump Pallet TC-3F has space for three IBCs or 12 205-litre drums, as well as forklift pockets for lifting. If you plan to store more aggressive chemicals, we have PE inlay spill pallets available. Use as an extension to your current steel IBC sump pallet or on its own in smaller facilities.

Dispensing platforms with spill containment

When space is limited, a steel IBC pallet with spill containment and a drum dispensing feature can free up more floor room at your workplace. These make dispensing chemicals from a drum safer without cutting back on secondary containment. Easy to maintain and clean, they provide optimum protection for your space, your personnel and the environment.

Finished in welded steel with an optional splash protection accessory, our IBC Sump Pallet TC-2F has two dispensing platforms,100mm ground clearance and can be used to store even the most aggressive chemicals. The two dispensing platforms are galvanised for corrosion resistance and strength. They are angled forward to facilitate pouring. These are ideal for use in manufacturing or pharmaceutical environments where small amounts of liquid are frequently decanted.

Trust DENIOS UK for your steel spill pallets

Whether your site stores hazardous chemicals in barrels or IBCs, the need to protect your workers, your building, and the surrounding area from contamination is vital. With over three decades of experience in the environmental protection industry, DENIOS UK has designed steel spill pallets that provide a reliable service and ensure your company stays compliant with current legislation. If you’re not sure where to start, we have experts on hand who can support you in locating the right product for your site. Just get in contact today for more information.