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Aluminium Boxes and Transport Trolleys

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There are a number of advantages to using aluminium boxes and transport trolleys when sending goods from one place to another. Strong and lightweight, these products from DENIOS UK may be the ideal packaging for your company’s needs.

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Aluminium Boxes and Transport Trolleys from DENIOS

Convenient storage

Our aluminium boxes and transport trolleys have special features to offer you the utmost convenience and usability in your facility. Some are fitted with swivel wheels to facilitate effortless movement around your workplace. The wheels also help ensure that you are complying with legislation and regulations relating to manual handling. Some of the boxes do not have lids, making them ideal for internal use in manufacturing and industrial environments.

For added endurance, the aluminium on the transport containers is reinforced, and the trapezoid ribs increase the stability of the trolley or box. Most are closed on four sides, so goods are deposited from above. Many businesses will find this type of box or trolley to be a handy storage solution. Some industries that commonly use these units include pharmaceuticals, hospitals, manufacturing and electronics, among others.

Wide range of options

In order to provide you with the specific product you need, our boxes and trolleys come in a variety of sizes. While most offer larger scale storage, there are some that are better suited to those who require a small storage solution. For example, the 29-litre capacity box is designed for the secure transportation of valuable goods. This type of box is resistant to corrosion, has a low net weight and comes with the option of a cylinder lock. It is ideal for use in banking, for storage of small parts in manufacturing or for the transportation of small equipment. This type of box comes with a security strap fitted onto the top of the case and a handle in the lid for easy holding.

The convenience of aluminium boxes and transport trolleys should not be underestimated. They are strong and can be reused time and time again, making them an excellent investment for any business.

If you are in need of aluminium boxes and transport trolleys for your business, then DENIOS UK should be your first port of call. With the vast range of transport containers available from DENIOS UK, you are sure to find the right box or trolley to suit your needs. All of our products comply with the latest manufacturing standards and health and safety regulations. If you should have any questions, a member of our team will be happy to help you. So give us a call today and let us guide you to the perfect solution!

DENIOS aluminium boxes: purpose

Work sites are inherently hazardous places for delicate pieces of equipment and per-sonal effects. Sudden impacts, flying debris, liquid splashes, dust or the wandering hands of less-scrupulous individuals – any one of these factors could lead to a valuable item being lost, rendered useless or destroyed. This can lead to lengthy delays, profit losses and even lengthy legal proceedings – none of which are good for business.

Sturdy, smart and convenient, an aluminium box is the perfect choice when looking for a way to keep valuable goods and sensitive equipment safe and secure on site. DENIOS stocks an extensive selection of aluminium boxes, crates and containers in various volumes and models that are ideal for internal transportation and on-site stor-age. Choose from aluminium container variants fitted with wheels (transport trolleys), plastic-coated transport handles, gas dampers for easy lid opening, stacking corners, chequered and smooth finishes and more.

Properties to consider when selecting an aluminium box

Aluminium storage boxes, crates and transport trolleys are manufactured according to different specifications in order to leave no requirement unfulfilled when it comes to the storage of high-value items and equipment in work settings. Keep the following properties in mind when browsing the full selection at DENIOS:


For sensitive equipment and tools that need to be moved throughout a work site, one may opt for a lightweight transport trolley, made of aluminium so it can be pushed by a single worker with minimal effort. Alternatively, an aluminium container with a built-in ergonomic self-folding transport handle is a good option for the storage and transpor-tation of essential tools.


All aluminium boxes are fitted with hinged fasteners to keep the lid in place during transportation. For additional security, choose a model with a fitting for a cylinder lock, as this will prevent the box from being accessed by unauthorised personnel.

Stacking corners

For work sites where space is at an absolute premium, aluminium storage boxes with stacking corners are the perfect solution, as they can be loaded on top of each other. The sheet thickness of the box itself along with its reinforcing fins make it more than capable of bearing additional loads.

Aluminium boxes and transport trolleys: the bottom line

There is no better way to keep sensitive equipment and valuables safe during and out-side of working hours than an aluminium box. Secure, robust and easy to transport by hand or on wheels fitted to the underside, aluminium containers can be sourced in non-stackable and stackable variants as a space-saving measure on sites where available storage space is at a premium. Invest in an aluminium box from DENIOS for long-lasting protection against corrosive, weather-related and temperature influences and keep valuables safe from theft.

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