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Barrier systems and locking systems protect handwheels, valves or circuit breakers from unauthorised access or unintentional operation. The DENIOS range includes selected articles of high quality.

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Barrier systems and locking devices from DENIOS UK


Barrier systems and locking devices protect hand wheels, valves, plug connectors and circuit breakers from unauthorised access and unwanted use. The DENIOS range of locking systems consists exclusively of high-quality products designed to be temperature-resistant, provide a long ser-vice life and guarantee quick, intuitive operation. With a DENIOS locking system in place, there is no need for additional security, such as seals, padlocks or chains, which can be expensive and subject to fatigue – particularly in tough environments.

Locking systems – valve locks, master lock applications and other locking devices – are critical for isolating certain elements from operation and preventing them from being tampered with. This can help to reduce the number of workplace incidents, whether accidental or malicious, and provide an additional layer of security during maintenance or cleaning work. DENIOS lock-ing systems are available in an extensive range of sizes, materials and sets for maximum versatility. They are designed to be reusable, even in aggressive environments, with no noticeable reduction in performance.


The primary purpose of a barrier system or locking device is to secure valves, switches, wheels, keys and breakers from unauthorized access – either from unqualified personnel, the general public, or individuals with criminal intent. Such systems can be manually fitted to a valve (or the like) and removed in a matter of seconds. As well as their purpose as a physical obstacle, locking systems serve as a visual warning, especially when the locking device is finished in a primary colour (as is the case with DENIOS products). This effect can be further enhanced by hanging a warning sign on the system or installation.

Barrier systems should always be used if the intake or inflow element could pose a risk to other employees, or if it is hazardous to interrupt the supply of gas or liquid to/from a particular system. This would be the case, for example, when performing maintenance on a machine or decommissioning an in-stallation due to a failure or upgrade.

DENIOS valve locks can be used to secure plug valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, cylinder valves and pneumatic valves, making them effortlessly versatile. Depending on the product, these locks are made from durable thermoplastic, vinyl-coated stainless steel, nylon or a combination of these materials.


Depending on the point of use, there are multiple ways to prevent a valve from operating. Shut-off devices for hand wheels are placed around the wheel itself, which stops it from being able to be turned in any direction. A similar system is used to secure plugs, with a locking box placed around the connector to prevent them from being plugged in. Multi-locking clips can be used to secure a valve using several locks; this system is ideal for situations where two or more persons are required for a given task. This is also espe-cially suitable for installations that are not subject to 24/7 surveillance. There are also variants that use nylon or steel cables to serve as a valve lock, which can be ideal when working in confined spaces due to the com-pact dimensions of the cable.

For multifaceted valve and locking requirements, it is recommended to in-vest in a fully adjustable lockout set, which contains a nested assortment of locking systems for various valve sizes. Such lockout sets are highly com-pact and practical, and can be transported to the job site and stored with ease.


Create a safer working environment for employees and prevent unauthor-ised access to sensitive systems with DENIOS locking devices. Browse the full range of affordable, high-quality solutions and turn your job site into a secure one with minimal effort.

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