Platform Trolleys

Workshop trolleys provide a safe and easy way to transport goods from one place to another in the workplace. Besides providing safety, transport trolleys are easy to manoeuvre and can be locked into place using the brakes, so they never move unless you want them to.

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Benefits of work tables

Work tables and other types of trolleys offer a number of benefits in the workplace. They can simplify the whole process of manual handling, reducing strain on the back, arms and legs for your employees. By letting the trolley do the hard work for you and your staff, you can reduce the risk of injury and spillages, thereby creating a more efficient workplace.

Our trolleys are hard-wearing and will last for a number of years. They are easy to maintain and are designed to withstand potential spills from hazardous materials.

DENIOS UK tiered trolley range

Consider the simplicity of the 2-shelf trolley with brushed aluminium tubular framework. This is a basic trolley that will accommodate substantial weight. Its resistance to acids and alkaline products makes it ideal for use with hazardous chemicals. Two of the swivel castors have locks on them so it will not move once it has reached its destination. The unit is open on all sides, so you can load it easily regardless of where you are.

The two-shelf multipurpose trolley ETA 1 features tubular steel and solid rubber tyres. Designed for smaller containers, the wheel locks have been designed in compliance with EN 1757-3. The shelves have a metallic finish and are strong enough to withhold certain substances. Two swivel castors and 2 fixed casters make this unit easy to move around, ensuring the utmost accessibility for your staff.

For even more convenience, the panelled trolleys have one shelf which sits close to the floor. This is ideal for those larger and bulkier items that are difficult to lift. The push handle allows you to thrust it from one place to another effortlessly.