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Escape signs

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With fire safety signs, you ensure more safety in emergency situations. Safety signs show the way to emergency exits as well as safety and first aid products. According to BGV A8, DIN 4844, fire protection signs indicate fire protection equipment.

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Emergency Exit Signage from DENIOS

What emergency signage is necessary?

Requirements for safety markings and guidance systems for emergencies are laid down in the technical rules for workplaces. They specify, among other things, which escape routes must be observed and the corresponding marking. The employer is obliged to draw up an escape and rescue plan for the company based on these specifications. Depending on the number of employees, certain distances must be observed. In addition, special circumstances must be taken into account, for example if the shortest escape route leads through an Ex zone. Alternative routes and safe means of escape should already be taken into account during the construction of the workplace.

Escape routes must be clearly marked with the appropriate signs. These must be placed at suitable locations. In addition, evacuation drills should be conducted regularly based on them.

Permanent signs must be installed for safety-relevant information such as escape routes and fire protection. Short-term changes can also be communicated by illuminated or sound signs. The installation of both escape signs is based on the risk assessment. Duplicate or redundant safety signs should be removed so as not to create confusion in an emergency.

Which areas or facilities must have safety signs?

The following areas, routes or stations should be permanently marked with the appropriate signs:

  • Fire extinguishers, fire hose, fire fighting equipment.
  • Emergency exits, emergency exits and directional arrows
  • "Do not use lift in case of fire"
  • "Keep fire door closed at all times"
  • First aid, doctor, stretcher
  • Eye and emergency showers
  • Collection point
  • Fire alarm, emergency telephone

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