Industrial Lighting

Lighting Equipment

All workplaces and institutions need to be prepared for the possibility of an emergency. In such a case, the building may need to be evacuated in the quickest possible time. This can be made more difficult if there is a power failure or if ordinary lighting is rendered ineffective for any one of a number of possible reasons (smoke, short circuit etc.).

This is when emergency lighting is essential, providing effective guidance towards emergency exits and illuminating essential information on the evacuation procedure. DENIOS UK can supply a full range of Emergency Lighting for use both indoors and outdoors, all fully certified in accordance with DIN EN 60598-2-22 and DIN VDE 0108th. Virtually shatterproof and extremely stable, these signs are specially designed for use in humid and/or dusty environments such as warehouses or car parks.

Classic Emergency Lights

The Classic LED Emergency Light is designed for wall or ceiling mounting and can be used for clear and visible direction towards an emergency exit or fire exit. This sign can be used in a wide range of locations, including supermarkets, schools and other public buildings. With a recognition range of 14 metres and a high-quality polycarbonate housing, this seven-watt illuminated sign has a three hour duration; more than enough to cover most emergency situations.

Industrial Lighting

For use in offices and workplaces, as well as public buildings such as hotels, a Standard Emergency LED Light For Wall Mounting should cover all of your emergency signage needs. Six-watt, multicolour LED lighting is housed in an anodised aluminium casing (RAL 9006 aluminium grey), with an impressive recognition distance of 27 metres. The high-quality Ni-MH battery gives excellent output alongside low power consumption, with an LED life tested to a minimum of 50,000 hours.

Choosing a location

Emergency and commercial lighting can be installed in a variety of locations. When considering the positioning of emergency lights, it is important to think about where they are going to be most clearly visible in a dangerous situation, what direction people who need to see the sign are coming from, and so forth. A Ceiling Mounted Standard Emergency Light may be the best option in order to ensure that visibility of the sign is not obstructed or obscured.

In some situations, for instance in a space with a particularly high ceiling, a Pendant Mounted Standard Emergency Light could be the best way to ensure that the sign is presented at the optimum eye level. All Standard Emergency Lighting meets the same high standards in terms of energy efficiency, durability and ensuring work safety.

Security and satisfaction

As long-term industry leaders with a particular focus on safety and environmental protection, DENIOS UK offer the best selection of emergency and commercial lighting for all of your workplace needs. With free delivery and a 30-day return policy, subject to terms and conditions, all of our emergency lighting range also comes with a two-year DENIOS warranty. Emergency lighting is not only required by law, it is an essential part of ensuring the safety of employees and members of the public in the event of fire or another form of dangerous incident.