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Flowmeters for pumps

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Flow Meters from DENIOS enable the precise measuring and dispensing of liquids of various viscosities and media. This makes them indispensable in laboratory and industrial operations. The products can be used flexibly and calibrated to different media.

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Flow Meters for Industrial Pumps

What should I look out for in a Flow Meter?

A Flow Meter helps users to measure the amount of liquid extracted by a pump and thus to keep track. Although the actual procedure is not very complicated, some aspects have to be considered when selecting a flowmeter:

The working pressure of the pump must not exceed the pressure of the Flow Meter. Likewise, Flow Meters are not suitable for all liquids, so attention must also be paid to the maximum viscosity. Similarly, flowmeters can only measure a certain flow rate.

The correct Flow Meter must therefore be selected with regard to the liquid and the pump.

In applications that require strict levels of cleanliness, for example in the food sector, a Flow Meter made of stainless steel is available. A version for Ex-proof areas is also available. For simple applications and non-calibrated requirements, a Flow Meter for drum pumps is available where the measured value is recorded fluidically according to the turbine wheel principle.

How does a Flow Meter work?

A Flow Meter consists of two main components, the transducer and the transmitter. The transducer is a sensor that can quantitatively and qualitatively record the nature of a substance and its chemical or physical properties, for example pressure, acceleration or temperature. The captured data is then converted by the transmitter and output as processable variables such as electrical signals that can be received or read.

A turbine wheel Flow Meter, which is sufficient for most applications, does not have a measuring chamber. Instead, a turbine wheel is installed in the pipe section. The liquid runs past this turbine wheel and thus drives the wheel. The faster the liquid flows, the faster the turbine wheel turns. To get an accurate reading, a certain amount must flow through the meter. The flow rate can be easily determined from the turbine wheel revolutions in a specified period of time.

The Flow Meter for Diesel and Petrol

As frequently transported media, flow meters are often needed for fuels. Petrol or diesel are often transferred from larger containers to smaller ones, and it is important to have a precisely fitting measurement. The flow meter for barrel and container pumps, for example, is suitable for this. This is designed for measuring mineral oils and fuels and is suitable for decanting from drums or containers. The flow meter can be mounted quickly so that it can be used immediately. A flow meter with turbine wheel for petrol or diesel is also available.

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