Barriers and Chains

Our shut-off aids and barriers are universally applicable with respect to car parks and parking spaces in addition to performing as road dividers. Shut-off devices can be utilised to secure construction sites. 

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Safety barriers within the workplace are used to reduce the possibility of a workplace accident. These barriers are structures that prevent people from entering areas that are potentially dangerous or have a potential hazard in the area. You can also use them for traffic control. Their primary purpose is risk mitigation. They can be a solid barrier that physically prevents entry into or passage through an area. They can also be soft barriers, such as safety curtains, that keep workers safe from foreign objects.

The range of shear locks from DENIOS UK is impressive, with each one manufactured to quickly secure potential hazards, making them perfect for construction sites, road or parking barriers and lane demarcations.

The chain barriers offered by DENIOS UK are available in different versions, such as with a floor trough, with a foot or with an arched base plate. Chain stands with a bottom tub can be filled with sand or stones to help keep them in place.

You can also find safety barriers in different colour combinations and optionally in plastic or hot-dip galvanised steel.

Our safety barriers range

DENIOS UK offers a broad selection of safety barriers. Our chain barriers come with an assortment of base plates and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are lightweight, and you can easily move most versions to different locations. We offer versions with both two chain loops and four chain loops. Our chain barriers are manufactured from iron, plastic or steel and come in colour options such as red, white, yellow and a combination of red and white.

DENIOS UK also offers a drop-down safety barrier. This red and white safety barrier has a tilting post, making it an easy way to block parking spaces or access roads. The barrier’s sturdy post is manufactured from steel, and the locking ring and joint are manufactured from cast iron. The safety barrier comes with a footplate to screw the post securely into an indoor or outdoor surface.

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