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Hazardous Material Depots

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DENIOS hazardous material depots are designed for storing smaller containers and low quantities of drums, offering efficient protection and safety in a small space and are ideal for installation outdoors.

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SteelSafe Hazmat Depots.
The latest way to store IBCs.

The new SteelSafe hazardous substance depots enable safe and economical IBC storage. Save space now, create short distances, increase flexibility and work more efficiently!

Hazardous Material Depots

Combining effective space use and effiecent work flow planning with all the regulatory and insurance requirements can be a challenge. Hazardous materials depots can help you make this balance work better.

Save space and gain production area

Active production space is one of the most valuable things on your site. It is important to use the available space as efficiently as possible and not lose it for storage. Hazardous material depots from DENIOS are suitable for outdoor installation and thus create more space for value-adding activities within the company building. Flammable liquids in particular can be stored particularly economically outdoors and fire protection can be easily and cost-effectively complied with by adhering to the required safety distances.

Work more efficiently using shorter travel distances

The decentralised storage of hazardous substances ensures safe and efficient work in your company. Hazardous storage units allow you to store substances in more convenient locations, closer to the place of use. This can reduce movement patterns and travel within the workplace and thus increase productivity.

Save costs and increase flexibility

Hazardous material depots from DENIOS are the cost-effective, flexible and efficient alternative for safely storing small quantities of large containers. This allows you to expand your storage capacities in a legally compliant and easy way. Since our Hazardous material storage units are delivered already assembled and the installation is simple, they can be used immediately.

Whitepaper "3 Strategies for Economical Storage of Hazardous Substances

In our free whitepaper, our expert Gertjan Frick explains how you can achieve greater added value with SteelSafe hazardous material storage from DENIOS.

Learn how you can put in place safety-relevant measures, improve space utilisation and efficient workflows in hazardous materials storage, and find out how you can react to storage bottlenecks in a legally compliant yet flexible and cost-effective manner.

Which substance do you want to store in the hazardous materials depot?

Hazardous material depots are compact storage facilities with an integrated spill pallets. It forms the basis for collecting the escaping hazardous substances in the event of a leakage from a storage container. In addition, hazardous material depots are equipped with a structure consisting of walls, roof, lockable doors or roller shutters that protect the stored goods. Hazardous material depots are made of resistant plastic or robust steel. The choice of hazardous material depot depends on the medium to be stored. To select the right material, it is advisable to take a look at the safety data sheets of the substances to be stored.

PolySafe: Hazardous material depots made of polymer

With the PolySafe line, DENIOS offers corrosion-free, weather-resistant and stable storage containers for hazardous substances made of polyethylene. They are suitable for the storage of substances of all water hazard classes and aggressive chemicals indoors and in covered outdoor areas in accordance with regulations. They offer storage capacity for small containers or up to 8 drums or 2 IBCs, they are lockable, can be easily loaded with forklift trucks or high-lift trucks and can also be driven under. Whether hinged doors, lids, louvres/roller shutters or sliding doors - as the market leader and manufacturer, DENIOS offers the right solution for every application.

SteelSafe: Hazardous material depots made of steel

The robust steel depots are suitable for the storage of substances of all water hazard classes and for the passive storage of flammable liquids. They can be set up indoors and outdoors as well as in hazardous areas, provided there is sufficient ventilation and earthing. With the new SteelSafe line, DENIOS now unites all steel hazardous material storage facilities under one roof. And at the same time, it is expanding its extensive range with two new products. Whereas previously small containers and up to 4 drums could be stored, the two new variants now hold up to 2 IBCs. The steel depots can be driven under, are lockable, powder-coated and are versatile thanks to the various equipment options such as lids, hinged doors or sliding gates.

Product overview hazardous material depots

Discover in our latest safety@work issue:

  • A compact product overview of all depot models made of steel and plastic

  • Useful information on storage with hazardous material depots

  • Practical accessories for safe and efficient work

Hazardous material depot videos


As the market leader and manufacturer, we offer you the largest and most varied range. We have the perfect and safe hazardous materials depot for your individual task. Whether made of steel or plastic, whether 200 or 1,000 litres of storage volume, whether with hinged doors, sliding doors or roller shutters - the versatile hazardous material depots from DENIOS have been specially developed for the safe storage of small containers, drums or IBCs.


With two new models for storing one or two IBCs, DENIOS has expanded its extensive range of SteelSafe hazardous material storage units for you. From now on, you can also benefit from the unique advantages offered by a SteelSafe hazardous material depot for safe and economical storage of hazardous materials. Discover all the product advantages of our new SteelSafe hazardous material storage units for IBCs in the video.

Hazardous material storage. Versatile and safe storage.

Storage in hazardous material depots

The storage of hazardous materials is always a challenge, so that the available space can be used as effectively as possible as well. This raises some questions: How do you create cost-effective storage space without having to reduce the production area? How do you store IBCs or drums safely and efficiently outdoors? How do you achieve a flexible expansion of storage space when the investment in a hazardous materials warehouse is not yet profitable? And how can hazardous materials be stored decentrally when a large production site requires the most efficient storage, work routes and work processes possible?

DENIOS has the efficient and cost-effective solution for you: Hazardous material depots. For safe storage in a compact space.

What are hazardous material depots?

Hazardous material depots are designed to store a small number of containers, can be used many times and offer efficient protection in a compact space. Various types of hazardous material storage depots are available for legally compliant storage of hazardous materials. Depending on the design, DENIOS hazardous substance storage units are approved for the storage of substances of all water hazard classes, flammable liquids (H224-226) or aggressive chemicals in accordance with regulations.

Equipment of hazardous material depots

  • Hinged doors
  • Cover
  • Blinds
  • Sliding doors
  • Roller shutters

Hazardous material depots for small containers, drums and IBCs

Hazardous material depots are particularly suitable for storing 200-litre standard drums and IBCs. In combination with plug-in shelving components, upright and horizontal storage of 60-litre drums or small containers is also possible. Additional built-in shelves for small containers and filling trestles for filling and dosing operations make the cost-conscious storage solutions variable for every application. The hazardous material depots are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.

Safe storage in hazardous material depots

Since a wide variety of hazardous substances are used in companies, appropriate storage facilities are indispensable. Hazardous substances require special care during storage: on the one hand, unauthorised access to the stored goods should be avoided, and on the other hand, people and the environment should be protected from possible damage in the event of a leakage from the storage container. Hazardous material depots are economical solutions for storing hazardous materials in a legally compliant, safe and comfortable manner. Optionally, certain models can be equipped with technical ventilation and electric heating (to protect against frost). For larger storage quantities, we recommend our technical room systems.

Advantages of hazardous material depots

  • For indoor and outdoor installation
  • For small containers, drums and IBCs
  • Protection against unauthorised access
  • With leakage protection
  • For substances of all water hazard classes, flammable liquids and aggressive chemicals

Hazardous material depots from our own production

Hazardous material depots for the storage of drums, small containers and IBCs are usually constructed from two basic components: A spill pallet forms the basis to be able to catch the escaping hazardous materials in the event of a leakage from a storage container. The size of the spill pallet also determines the storage capacity for which a hazardous material depot is approved. The various DENIOS hazardous material depots have a storage capacity of one 200-litre drum up to two 1000-litre IBCs.

The second component of hazardous material depots is the structure, which is designed to protect the stored hazardous materials from unauthorised access and the storage containers from environmental influences. Integrated locks provide the necessary protection against unauthorised access. Many hazardous material depots have an underclearance of 100 mm or entry pockets for forklift trucks so that they can be transported with a forklift truck without any problems.

Storage solutions available only from DENIOS

Environmental laws and industry regulations require businesses and workshops that store fuels and other hazardous chemicals in liquid form onsite to use bunded storage solutions. To understand the importance of using bunded storage cabinets, it is essential to have knowledge of the utility of these drum bunds.

Bunded drum storage solutions use a bund liner that tends to act as a spill reservoir. This liner ensures the safe storage of potentially hazardous liquid chemicals. Without storage solutions such as these, there is always a risk of chemical leakage that can contaminate the soil as well as the groundwater. This results in dire consequences for business operations, particularly in the case of a farming enterprise that stores chemical pesticides onsite.

What are the recommendations?

The Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG), issued by the Environment Agency of England and Wales, recommends the usage of drum storage for hazardous materials as a good practice. As per the PPG guidelines, if you are causing pollution or allowing it to occur, then this is a criminal offence. The use of bunded storage solutions can protect you and your workshop from any litigation issues relating to environmental damage.

The drum storage solutions offered by DENIOS UK all meet the necessary recommendation issued by PPG, which ensures that using our storage solutions can prevent the risk of legal charges.

Where can you use bunded drum storage solutions?

DENIOS UK bunded storage solutions for drums and other small containers are ideal for the outdoors as well as inside your workshop premises. There is a wide range of storage drums and bunded stores available to meet different space requirements. Based on the chemical that you intend to store as well as the area where you would like to install the storage solution, you can choose from the products that we have available.

Which model do I need – PE or steel for drums or small containers?

This highly depends on the type of potentially hazardous material that you need to store. Typically, the material of the bund drum storage solutions should be resistant to the material stored in the drum bunds. To make it easy for you to choose the right drum bund material, you can follow this rule of thumb – for all materials and liquids that are flammable or may contaminate water or soil, it is best to use steel bunded storage. Examples of such materials are oils, paints and varnishes. DENIOS UK offers drum storage solutions such as the Galvanized Hazardous Material Station 4 and the Drum Storage Unit P2-R, both of which work in such cases based on the chemical or liquid that you intend to store.

For aggressive chemicals such as acids and alkali substances, polyethylene (PE) bunded drum storage solutions are ideal. As PE is a non-corrosive substance, products such as the PolySafe-Depot Typ C 4 Drums are a great solution for storage of these chemicals.

Having the right bunded drum storage solutions will not only prevent contamination of the potentially hazardous materials that you are storing onsite but will also safeguard your workshop and premises from any risks due to the accidental spilling of these substances. Contact DENIOS UK for the best storage solutions today. Our bunded drum storage solutions come with a 30-day return policy, free delivery and up to a four-year warranty.

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