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Fire-rated Storage Containers

DENIOS fire-rated stores offer safe REI 90 fire protection from the inside and outside thanks to their double frame design. Containers can be designed and equipped for every requirement, regardless of where you are based in the world. Up to 120 minutes fire resistance is possible internationally - tested and certified as a complete system. We can help make the process of dealing with approval bodies and insurers simpler with our long experience and comprehensive, recognised documentation. In Europe the required fire protection is confirmed by official classification reports. But we also deliver systems meeting the locally-applicable regulations in countries such as the USA and China.

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Take advantage of the DENIOS product diversity for the furnishing of your hazardous materials warehouse. Benefit from the turnkey delivery of your technical room system including your selected equipment. We can also take care of the electrical equipment, the fire alarm system and the condition monitoring system. Discover many innovations for modern hazardous materials storage in our equipment range.


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DENIOS Whitepapers. Knowledge from 35 years of experience.

All important information about hazardous materials storage.

The storage of hazardous substances is subject to strict regulations and laws for reasons of occupational safety and to protect the environment. We regularly provide you new and important information on the topic of hazardous materials storage as a download to give you valuable tips for your task.

Fire Proof Containers and Warehouses

Do you want to store flammable materials with 120-minute fire protection?

The storage of flammable materials requires additional safety measures. Incorrect storage can have serious consequences, such as uncontrolled explosions and fires. Investing in a fire proof storage facility means that hazardous substances can be stored close to production in the most convenient way.

In the event of a fire, fireproof containers protect your raw materials for at least 120 minutes, giving the fire brigade time to respond. Conversely, if a fire breaks out inside, your company is protected to take the necessary action.

ATTENTION: It is not enough to invest in a storage unit that consists of fire-resistant components. The entire assembled product must be fireproof. You must remember to apply for certification by an approved external organisation. DENIOS fire resistant containers have been tested by a notified unit and have a declaration of performance (ETA) confirming the retention of all important properties under fire conditions and are CE marked as a whole system (and not just as individual components).

Our fire proof storage containers are fully tested and certified as REI 120 in accordance with the current European standard EN 13501-2 and allow you to store flammable substances close to buildings or directly on the production floor. And because fire protection is a key issue, our team of experts will assist you at every stage of the project and after completion with a professional guarantee and post-guarantee service - always in DENIOS quality.

What does REI 120 certification mean?

Our own aim as designers and manufacturers of technical safety room systems is to offer you adequate, world-class safety. We offer you storage solutions tailored to the various fire protection classes in Europe. The conformity of our fire protection warehouses is confirmed and certified by independent, authorised institutions.

Tested and certified - whole fireproof container

The entire flammable container must be reliable and able to withstand different types of fire. We are not satisfied with just testing and certifying the individual components of a fire container. In the event of a fire, the system must maintain its basic parameters:

  1. load-bearing capacity and structural stability,

  2. fire safety,

  3. hygiene, health and the environment,

  4. safety in use and accessibility of buildings,

  5. noise protection,

  6. energy conservation and thermal insulation,

  7. sustainable use of natural resources;

If the fire resistance of the system as a whole is not certified, it is considered to be level 0 (zero), even if the individual components (e.g. walls, roof are separately certified).

DENIOS fire resistant containers are always tested as a whole. For you this means: maximum safety for your facilities, protection for your employees and, what's more, protection confirmed with insurers. Your fire protection project times are reduced as the entire package complies with current regulations and does not need to be individually assessed by a fire expert and approved by the locally competent fire marshal.

Who are the DENIOS container certification institutes?

In order for a storage container to be classified as REI 120, its load-bearing capacity, air tightness and fire insulation must achieve at least 120 minutes. DENIOS fireproof containers have passed Efectis fire tests in accordance with EN 13501-2. For more than 40 years, the accredited Efectis laboratory has been a recognised body for the testing and certification of fireproof products. The official, certified REI 120 report classifies our fireproof containers to also be approved in other countries where the same regulations apply. In countries such as Italy, Spain and France, where REI 120 certification is required, DENIOS fire resistant solutions meet the regulations. Other international institutions certify fire resistance according to the regulations of various countries, which may be less stringent, such as Germany or Austria.

The following organisations have officially approved REI 120 and REI 90 protection and system stability:

  • Efectis - REI 120 classification
  • IBS Linz - REI 90 classification
  • DiBt - validation of building analysis with fire protection
  • ITeC - European Technical Assessment (ETA)

What are the specific conditions for storing flammable materials in UK?

We have summarised the most important British rules in connection with flammable substances in the industry for you:

  • A maximum of 50 litres of highly flammable liquid may be stored in closed containers and in a 30 minute fire resistant cabinet.

  • The degree of fire resistance of the cabinet and the location chosen should be the result of careful assessment. Externally in a secure walled storage facility with a fire resistance rating of at least 60 minutes (British Standards), which can be housed in a secure location.

  • As we offer cabinets with a fire resistance rating of at least 90 minutes with our EFFECTIS certificate, the fire rated cabinets can be placed directly against a wall or boundary line.

  • When storing 1000L-100,000L of flammable liquids, a distance of at least 4m should be maintained to ensure a safe location.

  • If there is no safe location, a fire resistant cabinet is required. Again, we provide a minimum of 90 minutes. British Standards provide a minimum of 60 minutes.

One size smaller? DENIOS flammable storage cabinets

Are you looking for a smaller fireproof solution for indoor use? Then our asecos fireproof cabinets are ideal for you.

  • Fire-resistant for 30 to 90 minutes

  • Chemical resistant and easy to clean

  • Optional accessories, such as attachments for recirculation filters

We are also there for you after the purchase: with service and maintenance from professionals.

Find out more in our article 'Maintenance of fire-resistant cabinets for hazardous substances'.

Contact our service and arrange an inspection of your hazardous materials cabinet.

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