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Test badges and quality labels

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With inspection labels you can document inspections and show maintenance intervals. The self-adhesive security seals are made of forgery-proof document foil.

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Test Labels from DENIOS

How often must eye and safety showers be tested?

In an emergency, vision or the prevention of severe skin burns depend on eye and safety showers. Smooth functioning must be guaranteed at all times. Therefore, eye and safety showers should be checked at least once a month to ensure that they are fully functional. This includes sufficient water flow, secure attachment or placement and unobstructed access to the shower. Eye showers should also be operated more frequently within a month to counteract contamination or deposits in the water pipes. Testing of showers can be done by a laboratory staff member.

Test Labels for safety cabinets

The testing of safety cabinets according to EN 14470-1 & EN 14470-2 is based on the Workplace Ordinance, the Industrial Safety and Health Ordinance and the rules of the Employer's Liability Insurance Association. As a safety-related system, the cabinets must be safety-tested at least once a year. The inspection may only be carried out by a competent employee or an external inspector.

In addition, the cabinets should be tested daily and monthly by employees to ensure that they are in perfect working order. The drip pans in the cabinets should be checked daily for any leaks and any spills should be collected. The monthly inspection includes the proper functioning of the doors, including hinges, door hold-open system, door closers and locking system, as well as the correct condition of the fire protection seals. If there are any defects, the manufacturer or the responsible repair service must be informed immediately in order to exclude any danger.

All mechanical components and the exhaust air system are checked during the annual inspection. If you do not comply with the maintenance obligation, you may lose your insurance cover in the event of damage.

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