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Drum Heaters

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A drum heater is the most efficient way to quickly heat up large quantities of substances. A steel drum can be placed in a barrel heater or on a heating base to swiftly heat the contents without any significant risk of spillage, overflow, heat escape, or explosion.

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Drum Heaters from DENIOS

Drum heaters - maximum efficiency

Floor heating and jacket heating can be combined for maximum efficiency, as in our Drum Heater Type FH-K 5.5. A 200-litre drum can be securely placed on the Drum Base Heater while the Drum Heating Jacket encloses it securely. The controllable digital heating system allows the contents to be heated up to 300 degrees Celsius in a smooth step-free gradient.

Drum Heater Type FH-K 1.5 uses base heating only, but the 200-litre steel drum is still securely protected by a thermal insulated coating that wraps around the body. Once again, contents can be heated up to 300 degrees Celsius, and the temperature can be fully controlled even when the Drum Heater is being moved to a different location on safe, lockable castors.

For a Drum Heater Jacket only, the Drum Heater Type FH-M 4.0 is equally effective, with step-less temperature control up to 300 degrees Celsius. It is recommended that the Steel Drum is placed on a Drum Dolly before being enclosed in the Drum Heater, as this allows for the most efficient use of the heating jacket. The drum will not lose heat by being placed on the floor and can also be safely moved from place to place while heating.

Explosion zones

Some workplaces include areas where hazardous substances may be present in the atmosphere, increasing the risk of an explosion if, for instance, a naked flame should be lit within that atmosphere. An area where there is a risk of explosion due to the possibility of certain gases, vapour, or dust being present is classed as an explosion zone, with varying levels of severity.

Sometimes it is still necessary to heat substances within an explosion zone. Induction Heating Unit with Explosion Protection is suitable for use within explosion zones graded 1 and 2 and is certified in accordance with ATEX workplace and equipment directives. This 230v Drum Heater can provide instant heat and has an automatic temperature control to prevent overheating, with a maximum temperature of 123 degrees Celsius. An optional manual temperature control is also available, with a control box that can be ordered separately.

This Induction Heating Unit can be combined with Induction Drum Base Heater Type IBP and a GFK Cover to effectively create a 'mini-oven' for safe and energy-efficient heating of drums within explosion zones. Both the Induction Heating Unit and the Induction Drum Base Heater are ideal for liquefying solids. The Base Heater is more flexible and portable, but the Induction Heating Unit can be lifted over the drum by one person, using a Lifting Aid.

Easy and ready to use

Sometimes you need to be able to heat a liquid quickly and effectively in the workplace without any fuss or bother. A Drum Heater HBD may be your best solution, being a straightforward floor heating base with a fully controllable thermostat, capable of rising seamlessly up to 150 degrees Celsius. This item gives even heat distribution across the whole of the plate, while the coating remains durable and temperature-resistant.

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