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Drum Heaters

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A drum heater is the most efficient way to quickly heat up large quantities of substances. A steel drum can be placed in a barrel heater or on a heating base to swiftly heat the contents without any significant risk of spillage, overflow, heat escape, or explosion.

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Drum heaters for steel drums

DENIOS induction drum heaters are suitable for steel drums up to 200 litres and are ATEX certified for zones 1 and 2. The induction heater is powerful and cost-effective and has a short heating time. The combination of the induction drum heater with the drum heater based plate reduces the heating times even further.

Our FH range of drum heaters are used to heat and maintain the temperature of materials to prepare them for use in manufacturing processes. The wide adjustment range of the drum heaters allows the heating power to be precisely adapted to the desired application. Different heating systems (heating plate, heating jacket or the combination of a drum heater with a heating plate) are available for different uses and situations.

Drum Heaters from DENIOS -efficient and flexible

Induction drum heaters - maximise efficiency

Induction drum heaters and hot plates are used to heat liquids quickly to an exact temperature. Induction drum heaters are ideal for liquefying solids. They are suitable for steel drums of up to 200 litres and are ATEX certified for hazardous areas.


  • Fast heating time and energy saving

  • Combination of the drum heater with a floor heating plate possible (shortens heating time)

  • Optional hood reduces heat loss from the top of the drum

Mobile drum heaters

Mobile drum heaters on wheels can be easily moved around the drum for easy installation. The fixed lid prevents heat from escaping. The drum heater works by means of heating walls, which surround the drum, but also, in some models, by means of heating via the base.. A combination of underneath and wall heating of the drum heater is possible and even recommended.


  • Mobile system

  • Precisely adjustable temperatures

  • Sheathing and/or underfloor heating allow for fast heating

Drum heating jackets

Heating jackets for drums, tanks and gas cylinders are flexible and attached directly to each container. This allows for very efficient heating of drums and tanks and takes up little space when not in use. Heating jackets are also available in ATEX versions.


  • Lightweight and compact

  • Economical to use

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Complete range available in ATEX versions: heating blankets for drums, tanks and gas cylinders

What temperature ranges are available?

The temperature set depends on what product is to be heated. Higher temperatures are available if you opt for induction heating. With this heating system, you can set temperatures up to approximately 120°C. The mobile, closed heating system offers even higher temperatures. DENIOS drum heaters are available in 3 versions and are specially designed for use at different locations in the factory.

The temperatures of the drum heaters are adjustable from 0 to 300°C. By comparison, the temperatures of drum and tank heating blankets range from 0 to 90°C. A thermostat is included for easy temperature control.

Learn more about thermotechnology solutions

Looking for additional heating or cooling options for your operations? As well as drum heating and heating jacket options DENIOS offers a range of thermotechnology-based solutions that you can use in your business.

How can thermotechnology help your business?

There are two key reasons to have climate controlled storage: safety and efficiency.

Safety: hazardous and volatile substances often need to be stored at specific and consistent temperatures to keep them safe.

Efficiency: storing and maintaining substances at the best temperatures for immediate use your manufacturing process improves efficiency.

Find out more about how harnessing thermotechnology-based solutions in our guide.

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