Storage Tanks and Disposal Tanks

DENIOS storage and disposal tanks have been specially developed for the collection and storage of water polluting liquids. All tanks have nationwide approval as storage containers and offer special protection through permanent leak monitoring.

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Storage & Disposal Tank

Suitable tanks for all requirements

Tanks for storage of flammable liquids are explosion-proof and equipped with a dipstick and a ventilation duct. The steel construction makes the storage and disposal tanks extremely robust and durable.

Thanks to the large variety of products, the right storage tank or disposal tank is available for every application. Both for the storage of flame-retardant liquids such as diesel or fuel oil with a flash point above 55° C and for the storage of highly flammable liquids such as gasoline with a flash point below 55° C solutions are offered.

Both single- and double-walled tanks in hot-dip galvanized or painted versions are available. In combination with the corresponding accessories for supply and disposal needs-based and practical solutions can be realized.