Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting

In the event of an emergency in the workplace, it is important that staff can be safely evacuated from the building. Emergency lighting can help to achieve that. In a real emergency, the standard lighting might go off because the power may be down. But in most cases, emergency lighting will stay on for around three hours because it runs from a battery. These lights also serve a dual purpose as emergency exit signs. With emergency lighting in place, staff can see where they need to go in order to reach a safe place.

Fire exit signs are required in every workplace, so having a combination of sign and light makes a great deal of sense. Having the right lighting in place ensures that the building can be evacuated quickly. This is a prime consideration in factories and other manufacturing environments which may not get a lot of natural light, even during the day. The escape signs will guide the way.

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Our emergency lights will remain on in the event of a power cut thanks to their batteries. There is no need for any member of staff to stop and take the time to try to switch them on during an emergency. Setting up emergency exit signs is very easy to do and will have long-term and far-reaching benefits. Adding emergency lighting to your fire safety and evacuation systems will make you compliant with all the latest health and safety regulations. In addition, many emergency lighting systems now use energy-efficient LED lights, giving them a longer life-span than traditional lighting systems.


The British standard BS5266-1 2005 relates to the use of emergency lighting. This explains what type of emergency lighting is acceptable and provides guidelines for those who are installing and using this type of equipment. The equipment itself is subject to other standards, set both in the UK and the EU.


The DENIOS UK range of emergency lighting includes the classic LED emergency light, housed in a plastic casing. This light will remain on for around three hours after the main power has ceased to operate. This unit can be mounted on either the wall or the ceiling and includes a top quality Ni-MH battery. The sign shows an emergency exit in the standard green and white design with a white plastic casing. It has been assessed as compliant with British and EU standards. This light features an auto test function so you can carry out regular checks to show that it is still working, and that the battery is functional. The LED bulbs are included, and it can be seen from around 14 metres away if a power cut has caused the room to become very dark. It has IP 54 protection.

DENIOS UK offers a wide range of emergency lighting and other essentials for health and safety in the workplace. If you want to find out more about our exit signs or any other emergency lighting product, please contact a member of our team today.