Dirt Trapper Mats

Dirt trapper mats are pieces of material or rubber placed at the entrance of a business to trap dust, mud, or water that can be tracked in on the soles of shoes. A dirt trapper mat can increase the safety of employees by reducing employee-related injuries from slips caused by wet floor.

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How do mats protect employees?

Practising cleanliness and orderliness in the workplace is closely linked to industrial safety. Wet or dirty floors can cause injuries from employees or customers slipping and falling. For example, our dirt trapper mat AT 9.15 for indoor use, 90 x 150 cm, anthracite can help prevent accidents by absorbing water from rain or snow. The texture of the mats removes dirt and debris from shoes as people walk in, preventing it from becoming a slipping hazard. This also keeps allergens from being tracked into the building, maximising worker comfort. Dirt trapper mats can be cleaned easily by vacuuming, dusting or rinsing them with water.

Dirt trapper mats can be used in work areas and doorways to improve health and safety conditions. An area which is often wet, such as in a greenhouse or where water cooled equipment is used, can use a rubber dirt trapper mat, such as our dirt trapper mat OM 8.10 for outdoor use, made of natural rubber 23 mm thick, 75 x 100 cm black, to prevent employees from slipping while working. These mats have built-in openings that allow water to run down grates or other collection sites while still providing stable footing to protect employees as they work.

How do mats improve appearance?

Cleanliness in the workplace also helps to boost a company’s image. Mud and dirt strewn over the floors sends a message about how the company is run and how it cares for clients and customers. Cleanliness is a visible indicator of the general standards of quality for any given company or organisation. Dirt trapper mats keep the working environment clean with little effort, improving the first image a customer sees. Dirt trapper mats come in a variety of styles and colours to match business décor, making them an attractive as well as functional addition to any office or work premises.

Our product range

At DENIOS UK, we feel we have the best dirt trapper mats available. The textures remove as much dirt as possible from shoes. They are strong, durable and come in a range of colours and styles to match office décor and workplace needs. They are easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, and DENIOS UK has a range of rubber mats that are highly resistant to chemicals, as well as stylish non-slip woven mats. Take a look at our product range to find the perfect dirt trapper mat for your business today.