Floor Marking Tapes

Floor marking tapes are adhesive tapes that are applied to signify danger, separate and demarcate working areas, delineate aisles or give directions. They come in a range of colours, sizes and styles.

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Possible uses of floor marking tape

DENIOS UK floor tapes are often applied in retail businesses, warehouses, manufacturing or industrial facilities for marking floors. Modern floor tapes are resistant to breaking, peeling and scuffing. They do not chip and scratch off during normal wear, including being walked or driven on. When the tapes are applied well, they can remain intact and visible for a long time. Unlike paint, DENIOS UK floor marking tapes can be removed without harsh chemicals, so they can be utilised in areas that change frequently without having to close the area for removal. Floor marking tapes have many applications in both small and large-scale facilities.

Our products hold their shape well and can be used to mark sharp corners. DENIOS UK also provides tools for applying the tape while walking, such as our marking device for 50 and 70mm wide rolls, to ensure that we offer a time-efficient solution to help you encourage optimal work safety. Floor marking tapes need not be used only in long or straight lines, however. They can be bent into various shapes, such as circles or letters, to give specific information, making the floor tapes even more practical.

Benefits of utilising floor marking tapes

Floor marking tapes come in a variety of types so it is simple to choose the floor tape that will convey the right message for the applicable situation. DENIOS UK floor marking tapes are brightly coloured to enhance visibility from a far distance. They come in an array of colours such as red, green, yellow and blue, amongst others. Floor marking tapes also come in striped versions, included our popular floor marking tape, 50 mm wide yellow/black. Light colours such as white are also available and can be used to contrast with dark floors or walls. Floor tapes can even be used to colour code different spaces or paths.

There are also floor marking tape options for facilities that operate at night or with low lighting. Glow-in-the-dark marking tapes absorb light when the site is sufficiently lit and glow for hours after the light level drops. Artificial light as well as sun can be used to charge the tape. Another solution for low visibility areas is reflective floor marking tape, which redirects light from flashlights or headlights. Because reflective tape does not need to absorb light it can be used in areas that are dark most of the time, such as storage rooms or piping and ventilation spaces.

Buy floor marking tape from DENIOS UK today

Floor marking tape is a quick and versatile option for marking floors, walls and irregular surfaces. It resists chipping and wear, while still being easy to remove when needs change. The variety of colours, sizes and styles available from the DENIOS UK range make it useful for more than marking lines on the floor. Take a look and see how floor marking tape can improve your work safety today.