Safety Cans

Safety containers and storage and transport containers made of steel or stainless steel ensure safety when aggressive or flammable substances are to be distributed in doses. High quality containers made of stainless steel 1.440.4 (SUS 316 L) or galvanized steel with additional coating in safety yellow.


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Several types of DENIOS Safety Cans

A major responsibility of businesses in any industry – be it within the automobile industry, engineering industry or pharmaceutical industry – is to ensure safety with the aggressive materials they are producing or transporting. For this, reliable storage canisters must be used. These canisters should not only aim to ensure work safety for numerous employees working in these environments, but must also aim to provide environmental safety. Choosing the right equipment is the key defensive step to minimise unforeseen work and environmental hazards. At DENIOS UK, we have the right solutions for you, providing you with the best quality in the market. We believe that prevention is better than cure. It is better not to let these unforeseen accidents take place at all, rather than having to deal with their serious – or even fatal – aftermaths.

A safety can is a container made up of galvanised steel or stainless steel, often with an additional coating in safety yellow. It is also known as a storage container or a transport container. It is a vital device to ensure safety when aggressive, corrosive or flammable substances are to be distributed in doses or bypassed. These hazardous substances can be a catalyst to produce a range of final products or can be the by-products which may not be of much utility, yet need to be transported elsewhere safely without causing any harm to the environment.

Storage capability

Our safety cans come in a range of different lengths, widths and heights. Depending on what might be most suited to your requirements, we offer a wide selection of storage cans to choose from. They provide all-round protection by offering venting, flame arrestors, pressure relief valves and protective rings round the container body.

Daily operations

DENIOS offers several types of FALCON Safety Cans.

Fine Measuring Jugs, equipped to distribute or dose flammable and aggressive fluids. Safety Containers with Fine Dosing Tap facilitate storage of flammable and aggressive liquids, especially when small quantitates are often required to be filled from the storage container. Safety Canisters with Dispensing Tap are recommended when regular filling of smaller quantities from the storage container is to be carried out. Storage and Transportation Jugs are the ideal aid if you need to transport small quantities quickly or transport them in-house. Safety Storage and Transport Canisters offer proper storage of flammable and corrosive liquids with a compact shape that ensures maximum stability and space-saving storage. Plunger Cans and Spray Cans ensure the safe and economical moistening of cleaning rags and sponges with ease. All of these are products of high-quality craftsmanship and can be trusted to offer safe utility in a number of daily operations in several industries.

Our service

Safety cans are capable of being used as hazardous material containers which are significantly used as a part of many processes in the automotive industry. DENIOS UK offers a comprehensive range of safety cans for its customers in chemical and pharmaceutical companies in the fields of hazardous substance storage technology. In metalwork companies, several aggressive substances again remain the constant companions, such as lacquers, adhesives, thinners or lubricants, which are utilised to carry out processes to yield the end product.

For the storage of these dangerous substances, DENIOS UK offers tailor-made hazardous substances storage units in the form of storage cans which come in all shapes and sizes. The need for the proper storage and transportation of hazardous substances is of great importance in all mechanical and plant engineering activities as well. The requirement for safe storage and handling of products – which use additives to make the materials more resistant to ageing, heat or flammability – remains high. DENIOS UK understands the needs of all these industries and has a range of storage cans to choose from as the right solution.