Impact Protection Barriers

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Rammschutzbügel in Aktion. Der Stapler kann beim Rückwärtsfahren keinen Schaden anrichten.

Impact Protection Barriers - DENIOS UK

In warehouses and around buildings, the addition of safety barriers and impact protection will go a long way to protecting stock, staff and equipment. Shock absorbent barriers such as these are needed in the event that a forklift truck or van should veer away from its usual path. DENIOS UK stocks a range of impact protection equipment that will make it easier to protect everything and everyone in the workplace. They are designed to withstand strong impacts and can be placed exactly where they are needed for maximum effect.

Consider the safety of each worker – if someone is operating machinery close to the path of a forklift truck as it moves around the workplace, then there is a risk that this worker could be injured. However, if you protect that work area with bollards or with a safety barrier, then there is far less risk of employee injury. Fewer accidents also mean less downtime and a smoother running workplace.

DENIOS UK offers a broad range of work safety equipment that is suitable in a variety of different industries and sectors.

The DENIOS UK range

Choose from a range of options, including the polyethylene impact protection bollard. The model H 750 mm-A is black and features yellow rings. The bollard is designed to absorb any impact, which also stops it from being pulled from the ground. It is easily put together and is resistant to corrosion. These bollards can be easily seen and are designed mainly for use outdoors. Consider their use in car parks to prevent cars from over-running the parking space. The stainless-steel floor plate is included.

Another option is the impact protection barrier that includes a board and is available in 600mm or 1000mm sizes. The barrier is designed to stop a forklift truck from accidentally heading into racking. It includes a protective hoop that is coated in yellow plastic and features distinctive signal stripes in black. The underride protection is 4mm. These barriers are designed for internal use in packing and manufacturing areas, and they have thick steel plates so that they can be easily anchored into place.

Corners are areas that are particularly vulnerable, so consider using a buffer zone where additional protection is needed. This corner protector will prevent equipment and shelving from being accidentally hit by forklift trucks and trolleys. The tubular frame is constructed from quality steel with a diameter of 76mm. This unit can be fastened to the floor with special bolts, which are also available. Designed for indoor use, this unit is coated in yellow plastic and features black signal stripes.

Auch auf die gesamte Regalbreite vermeiden Rammschutzbügel das Anfahren durch Stapler oder andere Flurförderzeuge.

Choosing your safety barrier

It is important to have an understanding of the risks in your workplace before you consider the types of safety barriers that you might need to put into place. Is the equipment in this area automated or does it need to be operated by a human? How often does any kind of vehicle pass this point? The answers will point you in the right direction. However, if you are unsure, take advantage of the expertise of the friendly and helpful team at DENIOS UK, who will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Why not call us today to find out more?

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