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Impact Protection Barriers

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Protect your inventory and your buildings with anti-shock protection for corners, pillars and walls within the workplace. They can be used indoors and outdoors. DENIOS shock absorbers are ideal for protecting upright shelving, corners or passageways.

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Perfect protection of corners from collision damage

Secure your business from collision damage with the right ram protection

In warehouses and around buildings, the addition of safety barriers and impact protection will go a long way to protecting stock, staff and equipment. Shock absorbent barriers such as these are needed in the event that a forklift truck or van should veer away from its usual path. DENIOS stocks a range of impact protection equipment that will make it easier to protect everything and everyone in the workplace. They are designed to withstand strong impacts and can be placed exactly where they are needed for maximum effect.

Consider the safety of each worker – if someone is operating machinery close to the path of a forklift truck as it moves around the workplace, then there is a risk that this worker could be injured. However, if you protect that work area with bollards or with a safety barrier, then there is far less risk of employee injury. Fewer accidents also mean less downtime and a smoother running workplace.

DENIOS impact protection products are made of high-quality plastic or steel. When choosing the material, you should ask yourself what exactly the ram protection must do. Depending on the application, very different material properties can be required here.

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